Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seeking the Sun

I overshot the first chart on Icarus by 2 patterned rows. Unfortunately it's more than 375 stitches now. I tried to set in a lifeline, but I couldn't find a straight row. I figured I'd start tinking back and when I was more than halfway to my goal and deciding it was the wrong way to rip back, it would be too late to change.
Now I have a life line and have the first set up row of chart 2. I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to finishe it by June 5th.
Like Icarus reaching for the sun.
I'm sorry I spent 2 hours today ripping back, reknitting and setting up. But I can get lots done this evening if my hand holds out.
See the new ipod shuffle and spiffy phone? We've been busy trying to catch up with the 21st century. I wanted the little ipod for walking in summer when I don't have all the pockets of my raincoat.

This is the site that greeted me this morning when I returned from an extra night shift. The sky began to lighten at 0445h and it was warm and pleasant when I got out of the hospital at 0700h.

It was a good shift, but a last one for one of the nice nurses. We have had 2 babies and now have 3 active pregnancies (including my preceptor!) Other than knitting and showers, it means maternity leave. That is going to place a strain on our staffing. But what joy.

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electrictree said...

Hooray for your shuffle. I have had one for awhile now and it's the only mp3 player I use. So easy to take places!
I wanted to say thanks for putting my etsy store on your blog! I am getting 6-8 impressions a day from your blog alone! It's totally awesome!