Friday, May 08, 2009

Without a Title

Scott vacuumed, so I am ready to block my Bristow sweater. But apparently the elves did not sew in all the ends while I was waiting. D. says, "Those darn elves." So I'm stitching them now.
I have finished a few things and was panicking about having to start more than one project at a time. I know this is opposite many of you knitters. But beginning time takes patience and the willingness to make mistakes. I didn't have any travel knitting. Thankfully, I have gotten over my snobbery of scarves. I think I saw too many books and magazines for "easy" knitting. Grumperina helped me with this when she wrote about always wearing her scarves, even when she wasn't wearing sweaters. It's true. My Noro Cozy is a constant comfort and my Forest Path shawl in Manos wildflowers helped to perk up that long, cold February /March/ April.
So I have started Brookes Column of Leaves in Casbah. It is enough to hold this soft yarn, and enough to skip through the 8 row pattern. I'll see how easy it is for TV knitting. It is a light enough colour for the basement.
This square will be a pillow for my bedroom. It is my current "dark room" knitting" and a refreshingly playful Mason Dixon pattern. I started with Butterfly cotton in their Dotty pattern, but ended up with a rediculous turtle shell pattern. A quick stop into the Chilliwack Wool and Craft shop for my dear Smart yarn solved the problem. I noticed these pansy colours are featured in another Mason Dixon pattern in their first book.
I have joined the ranks of twitter. I don't have a texting phone yet, but I thought I'd twist it to my own purposes. I am writing one very small poem a day. When I post the day's poem, I seem to just write the next one. The small format is encouraging. I look forward to the day when I enjoy my writing as much as I do my knitting.

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