Thursday, June 04, 2009

Floating on Thermals

I feel like I went to sleep in March and woke up in August. The weather is very hot for us -34 degrees celsius (thats about 98) and I'm behind in everything from working nights this weekend. I still am trying to balance work and home. Not everyone in the house is with the plan.
Tuesday night was awards: Emily sang O Canada and Scott got some great awards and scholarships.
Tomorrow is commencement. We're pretty excited. He's graduating from our own highschool.

Naturally my reaction was to knit a shawl. Does anyone understand this? I immersed myself yesterday, which was good because I really needed to sit still. I cast off Icarus this morning.

This is a skein of merino lace weight that I dyed blue from an icky mushroom. I tried for 5 (7?) years to make a thistle shawl but frogged it in January. Now I have a whole shawl and am almost ready for the big celebration. There is one dropped stitch, but I'm not focussing enough to be worried about it.
I'm off to deliver invites to the grandmas. Maybe I should take another allergy pill to combat this terrible smoggy air.
Tonight I have a special meeting of the camp and am missing an important choir practice. Now that the shawl is done, I can get back to my guitar practice, sweeping floors and ironing. Perhaps I should cast on another to continue to avoid my work.

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