Monday, June 08, 2009

Treat On Top of Treat

I'm starting to feel more grounded. Today I did the crazy errand thing where I ran around like a scavenger hunt, checking things off my list. I wanted to do some reading so I added oil change and tire rotation (usually knitting spots). I did some reading this weekend which was a real treat and rare since work started (and I threw myself into Icarus). The air quality is improving in the valley. This shot was Saturday before it cleared, I walked the dog and then spent too many hours in the garden.
This is the season of the blackberry bloom. It is one of my favourite scents and I adore blackberries. So does Carly, my big black dog, and she can pick them herself if she rolls her lips back.We have walked so much that I have totally worn away the tread on the toes of my runners. I forgot to look at them because the orthodics overcome the breakdown of the rubber- but not to that extent. I'll wear my light hikers for now, but I think I'll buy new nursing shoes and use those for walking.

I have finally started a baby sweater (for May, oops). I actually started the 5 hour baby sweater, but after several hours and 3 starts, I had nothing but froggin. I'm doing the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono
It's starting OK, but I'm going to do some more reading. I want to finish this Ian Rankin mystery (Hanging Garden) and start Kate Jacob's Friday Night Knitting Club (again) because I have been invited to meet her in a few weeks. I normally read at least one book a week, but I have been putting videos from the library at the top of the list so I can knit. I love "Pushing Daisies"!! But I have returned it now and I shall sit on the deck in the cooler breeze and sip a Pinot Grigio in this quiet and empty house. Treat on top of treat!

Friday was most exciting as Scott and all the boys who inhabit my basement walked across the stage and graduated from the same school that D and I did " a few short years ago"*
He was recognized with scholarships and whoops from his friend and has never struggled in his days. We are proud parents. Icarus came to the event and was suitably impressed.
*More than 20.

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