Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coming to Light

The baby sweater is slowly growing. I have marked centimeters on the side of the pattern so I don't miss button placement, etc. There could be more instructions, but I've knit a few kimonos, so I can either go back to them or fudge it as I go.
This is a very special shade of green that I cannot abide. It was a donation with some other wool I wanted, especially preserved for this charity project. But I contest.

Carly and I walked earlier this morning. We'll probably have to keep that up with the warm weather. I can't believe the corn is already up to my knees.
And our shady field is tall with seeded grass. I love the morning light.

Nest 2009. I didn't think the robins would be back at my office window, but they have made a better nest than last year. It's pretty messy, but we become spellbound when the babies start to show.

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