Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Third Bloggiversary

Thank you all for stopping by over the last 3 years. I have been greatly encouraged to do more knitting and more adventurous knitting from your blogs. I went back to school and got my RN and now I'm working part time at the only hospital I've ever really worked.
As I was struggling to sleep on Monday in the day, I had some good ideas. First, don't struggle to sleep- it won't work. But I was worried about a friend who is undergoing heart troubles and I thought I'd knit her a prayer shawl. Hey, I have some wool in the perfect blue from my sister. Hey, I already have a blue shawl that I can give her.
I knit the Fleece Artist Make Waves Shawl kit that I bought when I couldn't find the right wool for Eunny's Print O the Waves Shawl. I eventually knit Print o the Waves and gave it to my second sister for her 50th. This I finished and set aside. Knitting in the bank.

I also thought I'd knit a prayer shawl for a choir friend who has just lost her Scott. He was the same age as my Scott and a great guy. It was a tractor accident, similar to one on my farm which took my cousin's life (hours after I got off). I was musing about the Sidar denim when I realized I had already knit a sweater, just a bit too big that would be great. I went to the wool shop where they were trying to consign it and now I'll wrap it up for her. Two projects in the bank that are worthy withdrawals. I finally finished the May baby sweater and handed it in today while I did still further orientation stuff at the hospital. I worked this weekend which means I have 10 days off (just 8 more). I so very badly need them. We have a Highland Games in Chilliwack this weekend. I am only a steward, but D is the MC. Then on Sunday we have 28 people coming for a BBQ. I have lots of help from friends and family and even D.
This year one of my slogans has been "Get up/ Dress up/ Show up". That was really helpful when I was waiting for my RN papers and didn't know what to do with myself. Now I am employed and following my dream of being a nurse, so I am switching to the motto "Dream Recklessly". Who knows what can happen.
I'd like to send out little anniversary presents to the few but special readers that have shared these last three years with me. Please drop me a line, and I will surprise you.

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