Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ups and Downs

The last couple of days have been a bit unseasonal. The longest day of the year was cold and rainy and dark. We had the lights on and a house full of relatives indoors for a BBQ. I thought it went well, but we already have whining that the graduate didn't thank enough. He's writing cards as we speak.

Yesterday was my catch up day with putting the house back in order and the leftovers in the freezer. I actually made turkey soup with the broth that I thought I wouldn't need for a long time. Unfortunately the 8 inches of stockinette stitch did nothing to spark my mind. I went to bed at 9:30, exhausted again. I feel better today and ready to tackle the band and lace of Hey Teach.
I also worked on the scarf gift with the yummy Casbah in the evening (before I crashed).

Today I was excited to meet Kate Jacobs. I must admit it took a bit to get into her book, but I loved the characters, and it got better as I went. My dear friend loaned it to me and I had to buy her a replacement because I rather trashed it in my nursing bag. We had lunch and enjoyed her talk about making communities and taking chances. I was definitely charmed.

Unfortunately the grad travel plans have changed and eventhough I am not in control, I got a huge blast and feel terrible. I asked the same graduate to make some calls and apologize. It has to do with pleasing his date and the dominoes fall from there. So right now I am talking to you who are not involved and hopefully are not pissed off at me like so much of the world.

I have had to disappoint a lot of people when I chose to return to work instead of volunteer for them. I'm disappointed that my family has not picked up more where I left off (so sad for me) and I'm still tired and overwhelmed from jumping into night shifts at my advanced age. Whew.

So I look forward to getting my act together in areas that I can control. Recognizing that it's not my job to make everyone's lives better and doing a better job at looking after myself. I bought myself a BCAA membership today, that's a good start. Plus I"m learning two new tunes on the piano. Too bad you can't buy or eat your way out of a slump.

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