Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Things

I don't live in a Martha world. We're a lot more casual here in the valley on the left coast. But we know a good thing. Cooking bacon on the BBQ.

Monograms. I pimped my phone with pretty sparklies.
I'm working on setting up some scrap booking. I really don't have the room to make a big mess, but I'm getting excited about the design. I was on a design website a while ago and they were horrified with the scrap book industry. But a few of them checked out the sites and had to admit some weren't too hokey. I'm sorry Simple Scrapbook magazine was cancelled because that's my style.

My walk is a good thing. Carly loves it. This is where I walk past the field next to my highschool (and Dan's and Scott's). The flag was set up by my son and his friends as a prank with Sardis '09 spray painted on it.

Eleanor and I walk on the river every Thursday if we can. It's a 10 minute drive to a piece of the Trans Canada Trail. I used to ride my bike on it, too. We enjoy the good surface, the great scenery, and bumping into friends.

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