Monday, June 22, 2009

Gauging Myself

On Saturday, the BC Legion Games were held in Chilliwack. We have been piping and drumming for 18 years (since the big Tatoo at the now mothballed army base). This is the first time there was a games in our town. We have travelled to Vancouver Island and as far south as Portland (this year California). But when the bands come home, our band doesn't play. The Legion is an organization of mainly veterans. They do a lot to support pipe bands in our country. We used to be a Legion band, but moved up to serious competition. Our guys did the organizing and judging. It was a great venue and my D was the MC all day.
In preparation of Fathers Day/D's birthday and Scott's grad, I brushed the big black thing. Wholey cow! Now I either have to do this every day to keep the black hair down, or never again because I'm afraid.

I finished the June baby sweater and it's still June. Cheating in a way by using DK and the baby bolero pattern from One Skein, I still used up stash, and I still needed to knit it over. Maybe it was because I was a bit jet-lagged from working nights, but when I finally took a breath and looked at my lap, I couldn't believe the sloppy gauge. Sometimes I feel it is something that is out of my control. I don't try to knit loosely, it just happens. But I have lately been trying to be more mindful of gauge, and it really works. It's not the same as just picking up needles, but in time, this new, firmer gauge will become habit. Especially with the cotton, I don't want it to end up looking like lace.

Our family gathering was a success. Too much food (surprise?). Scott made his killer Caesar salad in our giant wooden bowl. I made a double Thai noodle salad and mom brought "the best" potato salad. My SIL took the last bit home before I could claim it. The main dish was local Farmer Sausage on a bun. I also made a giant sheet cake, but MIL's apple pies and lemon meringue pies satisfied the crowd. D will take the cake to the office today for another birthday celebration.
I get to take the day off and do the last bit of cleaning and the 8 inches of stockinette on my brown Hey Teach. Yay.

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Allison said...

The Thai noodle salad sounds delicious... any chance you could share the recipe?

And the flower shots are gorgeous, too!