Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome Summer

If you come to my front door, this is the current welcome. It can have brutal direct sun in the afternoon, so the succulents are the best choice here. Carly wants to pet you (push you over). Come straight through to the back garden. I know it's bad feng shui, but since we put lanoleum down, I don't mind the direct passage.
My wild border, running the length of the west edge is mostly in shade. I have been given most of the plants and they are allowed to do what they like to attract birds. I did have some trouble with the new prickly plants at the bottom of the yard, along the river. The neighbour took down my string fence and there was a dog turd right between the new plants. I am trying to "deter" this unreasonable neighbour from letting her untrained, vicious dogs (that look just like mine) run in my yard and make my dog crazy. It escalated when she and her little boyfriend started coming across to use our bridge (right in the middle of our dinner). So I trimmed a very prickly wild rose bush and laid the branches across my sad little fence. D doesn't want a pissing match, but I'm tired of the last 3 years of being held hostage to their anger.Let's change our perspective and stop to smell the flowers.

My "May" baby sweater is coming along. The sleeves are knitted on , as any good pattern would have. I'm enjoying the Friday night knitting Club, though I haven't had much time for either with my working. It's nights tonight, but I don't know if it will be quiet or crazy.


Life's a Stitch said...

What is that gorgeous flower? I love blue flowers.

LoriAngela said...

Mom says it's Campanula glomerata -form of what is commonly called Bellflower. We're waiting for my sister to weigh in .