Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Day On the Town

 Diane and I went into Vancouver yesterday. I had been tasked with buying tickets for the Yarn Harlot talk and I did my best to get into the talk, but missed the class. We made a day of it, starting at sweet georgia's new studio. What a lovely space with display in front for us to fondle and coo over the colours.
 Then we travelled down Main St to 3 bags full. This is a very carefully organized store. I love meeting Christa Giles and listening to her open and encouraging comments. I found a great chart tamer by slipped stitches that may help me get a handle on the black shawl.
 We also stopped at Bad Anna's where we met the nicest staff member, but noticed the stock was woefully low. There was barely time for a quick beer and some yam fries at the library pub before the knitters started arriving. They are recognizable by their oversized bags and the wearing of hand knit sweaters and shawls even in the afternoon heat.
 And there she was. Even funnier and nicer in real life. I have been reading the Yarn Harlot's blog since just after she started it, I think 6 years ago. It has changed my knitting life to know that there are others out there who dream of lace charts and blending colours, who curse when they drop stitches and who always have "emergency knitting" in their handbags. Knitting got me through raising small children, shuttling them to music and sports, and having something to show for my time at the end of the day. It also has given me a chance to support others and to make gifts for those I care about, and for those in need whom I will never meet.
 Thanks Stephanie. Hope you enjoy the Old Yale Sasquatch Stout.
 We were done in time to drive the 1 1/2 hours home in lovely evening light. There was much laughing and talking and generally enjoying the day devoted to our favourite endeavour.
 At sweet georgia I found ultraviolet, charcoal and ginger that will be my Colour Affection.
 Hummingbird will go with my existing skein, seagrass is fingerless mitts for a gift and I think snapdragon will be a monster.
 I have wanted to make a Bobbie Bear for years. I bought the pattern and the blue sky alpaca cotton in a subtle grey.
 These two crazy sock skeins will probably be Baby Surprise jackets.
At the lecture I worked on the beginning of a garter stitch baby sweater because I knew my brain would be reeling. It was a good plan. But when Diane and I stopped for lunch, coffee and dinner, I knit on the pueperium sweater which is now done.  I just cast on a bunny nugget to go with it and decided to start with Judy's Magic Cast On like a toe up sock. That will save me a seam! I used the same needles and held the yarn double to get a dense fabric for stuffing.
I'm so tired from the exciting day and late night, but feel energized and ready for new knitting challenges.

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Erin_in_Boston said...

What a fun day you had. I love Yarn Harlot's humor and easy to know voice in her blog. She is one of my knitting heros. I am writing mostly because I want to say how much I love the colors you chose for Color Affection, beautiful!