Sunday, July 15, 2012

Make Your Own...

 Make your own kind of music, sing your own special song. We bought a king size bed and I wanted a padded fabric headboard. Thanks guys at Windsor plywood for not blinking (again) when I ask for wood to be cut a certain size. Scott- and his socks- helped set up the drilling in the shade of the spruce tree in the driveway. It was a dreadfully hot day and I was trying to make it to a yoga class that was rescheduled. Too spinny.
 I bought quilting batting that was too short, but the lady at Fabricland assured me it would stretch. That's good for stapling, but bad for quilting. Love shopping at local shops with local people.
 The finished product is just right. The pillows are from Africa and I went to the trouble of getting feather cushion inserts. Now I need to get one of my elephant photos enlarged and wrapped on canvas.
 Make your own karma. I love knitting for babies and blessing their existence. This pueperium sweater is for my yoga teacher.
 The bunny nugget is for the new big sister. I think they are due in September. That gives me time to knit on the November baby sweater- plain garter, yay!
I used real mohair for the tail and I love it. Now one of my nurses wants a bunny nugget. I may churn out a bunch and just hand them out randomly.
Work was really challenging. My patients are in their last days, weeks and are feeling the feelings and having the thoughts that might accompany that. I was less than effective with one lady, but redeemed myself the next day with my coworker's assistance. It's not about me, and I'm not there to make them feel all sunshine and lolipops, but I do wish to be effective and let them know they are cared for.
I'm off for a week. Emily has her first apartment and we need to buy a desk so I can keep my old one.
Scott repainted his room and we put the old queen size bed in there.
The weather has changed from stifling hot to thunder, light showers and great wind. I'm glad we could sit by the pool last night with friends. I'm glad we can breathe deeply the cooler air today.
Make your own happiness.

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