Sunday, July 08, 2012

What I'm Not Knitting

 Couldn't say what's holding me back. I am working and doing yoga and I'm a bit restless for sustained sitting. The mittens are slowly getting knit and they came to our Tuesday knit night, so the pressure is on to complete the 24 for a banner.
 This is the third attempt at a newborn baby sweater which makes a quick knit nothing at all. I have knit garter stitch all week and have little to show. The first was big enough for my dog, the second one looked like dog's breakfast. This one is coming along. The Pueperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker seems to be the one for my yoga teacher. I like the "green tea" colour. She's due in September. No rush, but at this rate I may miss the due date.
 I have decided to wind up the ivory sock yarn from electric tree and start the Queen Anne's Lace Pi shawl. I love knitting pi. I'm going to the Yarn Harlot talk on Wednesday and I have to have some real knitting to work on. I want to belong to the tribe.
 My nurse friend is having a boy. So the nice little girl sweater is on a string and the blue will be cast on. I will go so far as to finish the September baby sweater first, because she's due in November. Lots of babies. We also have twins coming at the vet clinic. I hope to do opposite stripes. Maybe cream and beige or another not blue or pink.
 To encourage myself, I took amy's advice and wrote myself an encouraging message in a bottle. I will keep it on my desk as a secret. One day I will forget what it is and then have a nice surprise.
 The Taize is done. I could have knit it longer, but I have made other shawls too long. I am happy with how it feels on my neck. The colours will cheer up the grey winter.
I did do two rows on my black shawl. It's not so bad, but requires focus and attention. Do those mix with summer sun?
But it is resting in the warm July sun. The summer came on Tuesday. After work, we walked down the street to the new Wild Cat Express cafe and corner store and had a lovely dinner on picnic tables. Fun.
This morning I cooked pasta for a Greek Salad tonight, because that's how hot it is.
I have 150 photos of our trip for scrap booking and I have to prepare crafts for the Vacation Bible School next month.
We bought a new bed and, before it is delivered on Tuesday, I had to get king sized sheets and comforter (more work than I had hoped). Scott emptied his room and is painting it Steeplechase (pale grey green) for our queen bed to live in. I will get a sometimes guest room, he will get a nice big bed when he's home, and his furniture can go with Em when she moves out in September.
Lots of linky today. Hope you are making the most of the fun that can crop up in summer. And knitting a bit.

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