Saturday, July 28, 2012

On This Day

 My birthday, yesterday, was filled with blessings and laughter. I finished the Summer Flies shawl the night before and was able to lift it from the blocking towel first thing.
 My roses were making the garden a joyous ruckus of colour. I feel so blessed that my favourite flowers bloom on my birthday.
 My book club friends took me to breakfast at Cookie's Grill. There were flowers from Quik Pik with wool! Great discussion and great food. If she felt these flowers were perfect for me, then I am so pleased to have sunshine and fun in my life.
 When I got home, my front drive post had been yarn bombed by my knitting circle friends.
 Crazy! Not only is it beautiful and beautifully designed, it holds so much work and hours of intention. I love it and am planning to display it at our booth at the fair.

 I know who made the lady bug!
 For my birthday party, I asked to go to the Love Global Foundation mini golf tournament, BBQ and concert at Giggle Ridge in Cultus Lake. So silly and fun. The proceeds go to Project Help Haiti, our friend Carlton's other project. We went with him on his Project Help Mexico at Easter.
My family came out and Paw got a hole in one on the last hole, made the train whistle blow and won another round. D was there and my eldest sister played the first half of the game.
My gifts included electrictree yarn and money to go on a yarn crawl! The kids gave me yoga clothes and supplies (because yoga is the new knitting) and we ended up at the new Batman movie on the huge screen of the new theatre. Great movie. Great fun.
I will remember the love I felt on this day.

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cauchy09 said...

wow, what a lovely shawl! and happy birthday!