Friday, July 06, 2012

There Was Knitting

 "We've never had knitting on safari before." I reassured our guides, Mark and Elijah, that it meant I was relaxing. They wanted to have siesta after lunch every day and I just couldn't sit still. The last canoeing day I brought my Taize shawl. D and Mark slept while Elijah did some tracking. It was shortly after that we walked about 40 minutes, tracking a lion and found a pride of 14.
I also knit in airports, planes, in the back of the pickup when we were (rarely) on paved roads, at the campfire, and many delightful hours with Elizabeth in her front room.
I can't say enough about Elijah. He was an excellent canoeist who let me feel like I was helping. He was so quiet at first, but we did a lot of giggling and discussing raising kids and exploring our planet. I followed him and his rifle while we walked across mapane forests and grass lands. He tried to teach me to see crocodiles before he pointed them out. I felt safe and encouraged to explore.

Back to work this week and I was so happy to be back with my nursing friends and the great place where we work.

Knitting at home has been a bit more of a challenge. I started a girl sweater and found out my nurse friend is having a boy. Just setting it aside, not ripping. I also started a kimono for my yoga teacher, but it was turning out big enough for her 4 year old. Ripped that last night. Boo. I want something tiny and soft.
I knit on my charity scarf from some left over muppet fur while we drove last weekend. Looking forward to not having that on the needles.
Have not opened the black shawl.
Finished the July square. Yay.
Today I hope to catch up with my best friend and get some goals. I always gather my thoughts better with her.
Have a wonderful weekend with some delightful knitting.

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