Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just For Fun

 D took me into the city this weekend. We had a 50th birthday party to attend and went a night early for some time on Granville Island. This charming boutique hotel was a real treat. We went to the small stage production at Bard on the Beach (King John) and loved the lowered expectations. It was spectacular anyway.
 The view from our room. Must remove that date from the corner, sorry. The day started a bit grey, but there was really no rain. We had excellent coffee and muffins for breakfast and poked around in some of my favourite stores: Paper Ya, Opus and Blackberry Books. We went to the Cloth Shop, a quilting store that used to be near Urban Yarns on 10th Ave. I bought some owlie fabric and asked about what to use to stuff hexipuffs for the Bee Keeper's Quilt. Well, she gave me a bag of scraps of wool quilt batting left over from her last project. Just gave it to me. I was trying not to squee. Thanks so much. I haven't started my quilt yet, but the jar of blue left over sock yarn is just waiting for me to finish my mitten banner.
 This is the classic view of the market with Granville Street Bridge above. At this point we were enjoying a Terra Breads cinnamon roll and a JJBean cold blended coffee. Shopping with D includes lots of sitting and stopping.
 D bought me some hand dyed silk and wool at the Weavers' workshop. It will be a My Hope shawl, I hope.
 At Circle Craft, a crafters' cooperative, I chose a hand made silver and gold ring with a leaf motif. This is a fun way for us to shop for my birthday presents, because he doesn't like choosing on his own. I also bought myself a pearl bracelet and earrings from a favourite jeweller, Janis Dean Johnson and some adorable stud earrings for Em by the amazing June Hunter. I will definitely visit her shop again.
While we were parked at the hotel, the birds bombed our car. But we were so fortunate to find this theatre group, the Shameless Hussies, doing a fundraising car wash/ art installation on our way to the party.
A very fun birthday with great people. A satisfying summer weekend with enough fun to wear me right out. Today is a bit overcast and a great time to snuggle up with some wool and books. Also my kind of fun.

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