Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It is the first day of school and I am happy to have closed the book on a few things.

1. The book. Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and I finished Harry Potter. Reading out loud made it much slower, but it was worth it to share.

2.Jazz. D. and I have been picking through the 10 DVD series from Ken Burns that originally played on PBS. It was marvelous (again). I have learned so much about American history and music history that I never would have guessed from my farm in the Fraser Valley. Noodle Pie and I watched Dream Girls on Thursday night when the boys were out. It was also a slice of American music from the MoTown view. I really liked it. Noodle Pie preferred it to Hairspray which is parallel from the sixties. I loved the way Hairspray made me feel. It took me back to the one movie my second sister took me to: Grease. I was going into grade 11, I think, and we really enjoyed the summer feel. It was a rare non-cynical, non-artist response from her.

3. Ian Rankin Mortal Causes. This was a great mystery novel set in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. I'm glad I was home before I started to read about the bomb threats. Bomb threats in Glasgow are no longer taken seriously because "terrorist attack" now means that the local blokes kick the crap out of the terrorists.

Clean slate. Golden Compass- this time not aloud. Looking forward to the movie.

PrintO' the Waves: 80 stitches seems like such a short row. I'm starting to "understand" the pattern and read it off the needles.

Baby Surprise Kimono. So pretty in variegated cotton.

Big project: stripping the walls in D's "theatre". The TV room in the basement is getting a facelift. I hope to have it painted by Xmas.

Good-bye to the kiddies. Sniff (not).

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