Tuesday, September 25, 2007


These are the buttons I have gathered and inherited. We did a lot with buttons when the kids were little. My mom used to let me go through her button jar on rainy afternoons when she was sewing clothes for her four daughters. I still remember a miniature ceramic purple flower. Some of these are from D's grandma. I collected some blue ones for a Haiku for her great grandson, a cousin's third boy. They satisfy the magpie in me.
I have been invited to Ravelry.

I think it's amazing. Just last week I was 3,499 in line. I know, I checked. Now I'm there, it's a bit overwhelming. I added my blog and my WIP. I set up a few FOs but it takes time and I've been so busy that I'm not happy.
Today I'm trying to take it slower. Walk the dog. Practice flute. Join my shawl and start the edging. I think it's a bit like pregnancy. The last trimester is only half-way. I am simultaneously proud of my being this far, and stunned at how far I have to go. I'm not sick of it. This is more like one of Li's long term relationships. I'm a bit annoyed. But I don't dispute her good qualities and the joy she will bring as a gift.


Angie said...

Buttons are wonderful things! I have a small collection of my own and enjoy my late Nana's collection, too.

I'm purlingoaks at Ravelry. Such a fun place to roam.

Looks like interesting knitting!

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh yes, those long term relationships... Marina, cover your ears :)