Monday, September 17, 2007

Inside, Outside

I spent most of the weekend indoors at a workshop for Sunday School teachers. I tell you, there is a radical, invigorating group, and there are new things exploding around us. I am so excited about Godly Play that I am off the deep end. I hope to get my act together enough to try it out with my lovely students.
On Saturday night, D. took the Youth Group to the Corn Maze. I was happy to be too late to be involved, but dropped by to say hi and offer some hostess help.
It was dusk and clear and they had a great time.
I went home and put my feet up after a long seminar and a long drive. I had to watch Josh Groban because our band is playing "You Raise Me Up" and I don't remember hearing it on CBC.
I enjoyed my quiet time.

On Sunday afternoon, our community band played for the parade to mark the Battle of Britain. It was a joy to have D. and Noodle Pie both playing with us. Must work on Mr. Boo and his trombone. He was out "quading" with my husband's brother. I was a bit of wreck. He's never driven one. Then, when he comes home, he has shot a grouse. Was there no room for discussion about this? It made me feel weird that all our pacifism had been vetoed. D. said he could never shoot an animal because he spends all his time trying to save their lives. Thanks for that.

I did finish the kimono. I decided I was far too stuperous to approach lace. Good plan. Picks to come.

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