Thursday, September 06, 2007

What Are You Knitting?

I changed to my summer bag which freed this up for knitting. I bought it in Glasgow at 50% off from a store called Fat Head. It's been fun to stuff with travel needs, but not that easy to get things out of. Now I have two clear plastic zipped bags with my projects that I don't want out of my reach.

This is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Kimono. I love knitting little wrap sweaters. This cotton is so fresh and I thought the variegation would highlight the decreases.And here's the Print O' the Waves. I'm finding it pretty straight forward. I think I found out how I get a favourite row: it's the one I learn the first. The one which has logic like my own. I have found my favourite row. Not to deprecate the others. And no, it's not the purl back row.A closer look of the deep green merino goodness. You can start to see the pattern, but the magic will come out in the blocking.I keep waiting for this knitting mania to peak. I include more blogs and podcasts and knitting friends and plans. It can almost consume one's life. This morning I watched the Yarn Harlot on You Tube with breakfast. That's pretty rabid. But I'm enjoying riding this wave of many years.

I found the You Tube sites from the new Vogue Knitting Anniversary edition. It's wonderful, but it's cutting into real knitting time.

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