Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stop the Frenzy

After the craziness of last week, I had a bit of a physical back lash and slept extra long Sunday night. Three hours in a freezing rink is not good for me, even if I'm selling baked goods the leadership skaters (Stars) made themselves.
Last week I also picked, cleaned and bagged 30 lbs of concord grapes for freezing. They are a gift from one of the ladies at church. I put them in the freezer at the church and the Amazing Brenda turns them into juice. There is something so "Sardis" about having our own juice for Communion. We're very homespun and live in such a bountiful paradise.
But in this paradise, it seems, my job is to sit on my keester.
I had a terrible nosebleed today after I walked the big black dog. I had to phone my dearest friend and cancel coffee before my flute lesson and cancel the lesson and sit quietly.
Thank-you Brenda Dayne. I can do a pattern repeat of the Print O the Waves during one podcast.

I have finished 14 of 17 repeats of the first side. The pressure is on. I have a dear little baby sweater to finish pronto and then it'll be October when our last babysitter is due. I want to make her a little jean jacket. I have the yarn and the pattern will be just a cardigan, but the embelishment will be fun.

So I feel a bit bad to be just sitting and knitting. I got my son to his first piano lesson of the year (Grade 10 Toronto Conservatory!) and my nephew to the doctor for the same cough that I am plagued with. One of our vets thinks its mycoplastic pneumonia. Maybe I should get in to the doctor, too. If I'm good now and rest, I may not have the serial nose bleeds of yore. Yuck.

At least my lace wasn't damaged.

It's actually dark, forest green. This green is not black. There is no trouble seeing it in the evenings, eventhough it's very dark. I want to get into the second side because I think the edging will be a big job.

After the baby sweaters? Miles of navy Phildar for a nephew.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I can taste that wonderful grape flavour. You're going to beat me wavewise! Looks good,