Saturday, September 01, 2007

An Exciting Week

Kiri #3 is done and off the needles. One week exactly and finished before the recipient gets home from holidays or even has a clue that I'm making her October 50th birthday gift.

This is what she looked like after one hour.

This is at the end of day one. The rows are the spectacular thing here. Later, it's the width, which doesn't translate as well since I don't love you enough to take her off the needles. I do have a much longer needle, but my oldest sister is using it for her attempt to make a poncho that she has no interest in. I should get my needle back. It an addi turbo and gift from sister #2 on Saltspring Island. I cast on the Print O' the Waves for her today, too.Yesterday I started with everything but the edging. It has really grown, but still a surprise when it comes of the needles. Last night was another movie with the kids (Friday vids at our house). Kiri is actually TV knitting. Because I know Print O' the Waves won't start that way, I've picked up some cute variegated cotton limone to do an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise. I can't say how many of those I've knit. But like Kiri, there is a comfort in the familiar. I am always surprised when I find out I've knit both sleeves and the front.

Here is Kiri resting after her exciting week. I really only had a few moments of boredom as I was always looking forward to the next row, the next repeat, the next step. She is in her bath now relaxing and getting ready to lie in the sun on the carpet in the living room, displacing the dog.

I have 2 month to make my sister's shawl and I think I can do that. Thank goodness my third sister is closer to my age and years from 50. She'll probably get a blanket anyway. Mission Falls 1824? I have time to decide. And many nephew sweater and don't forget the babies.

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