Monday, October 01, 2007

Celebrations and Set Backs

This weekend I hosted D's family for his mom's birthday. She is very generous and loves her family. The problem is, she's a wonderful cook. It has led me to learning about all kinds of spices and techniques. We had a Greek dinner of sorts with rosemary rubbed pork loin, spanikopita, couscous salad (yum) and green beans in brown butter. Mr. Boo also BBQ's beef tri tips- very impressive from a 16 year old. #1 SIL brought an amazing double chocolate cheese cake, the recipe of which she attributes to me. And #2 SIL was neither insipid nor insulting. Great success all around.

But in knitting. The words inner edging brought horror to my face. I had to pick up many hundreds of stitches along my print o the waves. I don't know why I hate this so much. It's just another form of knitting. But the counting and the spacing and the juggling of needles just makes me so sad. It took a week, but I got the inner edging done.

Now the knitted on edging (which is what I had signed up for) was another challenge. Thank goodness, eventhough I was tired on Saturday from the birthday bash, there was lots of food and the house was clean. So I sat and conquered the spacial puzzle of right side, right stitch, right bind off.... All the variables. Now I'm trying to move along the first edge without too much ripping back.

Warning: there is a mistake in the Print O' the Waves edging pattern as posted on See Eunny Knit.

I had to search back to Knitters Review comments to find in her words that on rows 9, 11, 13,15, the second last stitch is K2tog. This makes sense because she's trying to decrease the number of stitches in that set. But it didn't make sense in my stupor and chagrin. When I found it, I wrote Eunny back to apologize for bothering her. She still replied with thanks that I had found what I need.

So I hope you can fix your pattern before you rip out all your own hair.

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