Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Noodle-Pie made her own long black cloak for Hallowe'en and carved pumpkins after lunch in school. She went out with 3 friends in the neighbourhood. Mr. Boo finished his music theory homework and went with a friend to a party on the hill. This is a good friend whose mother will also drive him home. He has his driving test next week.
I spent 9 am to 3pm in a meeting. Ouch. I had to go out and buy a new scarf to go with my cheap new bag. Just a hint of olive. It is a very flattering colour, but I OD'd on Olive Drab when I was in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps. I may open up to using it as a bridge between my black and brown clothes. I tried on a great European fair isle scarf, but I couldn't buy something like that if it's not handknit.
This is the Grade 9 school project. I think we can thank the pumpkins for the 9 trick-or-treaters we had this year. I think we had 3 last year. Our driveway is very long, and if you're going door to door for maximum efficiency and volume, you avoid those houses far from the road.
This is my treat. Noro is like nothing else. I love the thought of my godson wearing this as he waits for the bus. I have no control over what is going on and I'm loving it. Definitely an antidote for lace. I'm in for six feet. Let's see what happens in the next row.

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Angie said...

Very spooky pumpkin and an excellent black robe! I love the Noro scarf! Which yarn are you using?