Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving All Over

We had 17 people for dinner today. Dinner, to us, means the main meal in the middle of the day. I made a very aromatic turkey stew (about 8 litres or 32 cups), a triple batch of biscuits and coleslaw and salad tarted up for the season with dried cranberries (not craisins!- organic unsweetened really dried cranberries), pumpkin seeds and pecans. Yum.
My mom and my eldest sister brought pumpkin pies. Now this eldest sister, who also brought three giant teens, cut her own pie first so I didn't get to touch Mom's. Said mother was a bit peeved at having done all that work for nought. Me, I get to share her pie tonight with the nuclear unit.
My wonderful house-sitting (now house buying) nephew brought his charming girlfriend whom I loved before him because she was in our youth group and a camp counsellor. They are happily ever every day. They don't have to marry, but they must be kind to one another.
The musical instruments in the corner struck me as funny. This is tidied up for us. Noodle Pie plays the "bells" in my community band, the trumpet and drum kit in the middle school jazz band and french horn in the concert band. We sent the cello back. The flute and guitar are mine. We also have two sets of bag pipes, a drum kit , a djambe and bhodran drum in the basement. Boo is playing the piano most of the time, but we are all capable.
I am thankful for the abundance of music in our lives. Yesterday I led the small children in my Sunday School in a lovely multi-language tune. They make me act and think on a brighter, funnier and cuddlier level.
Hope your turkey makes you sleepy enough to sit and knit a bit.