Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitters Re-do the Reno

This is the biggest "frogging" that I have been involved with. My family helped strip wallpaper, paint the ceiling and prepare the walls. Then I took to the big job of painting the walls of a 3,000 square foot TV room. I wanted it cozy and darkish.
I got pumpking/mustard screaming brightness that D. described as "calf scours". Yuck
Thank goodness the people at the Chilliwack Decorating Store are brilliant. While I had a lovely lunch with my best friends to celebrate a birthday, they cut the colour in half and added magenta to cut the mustard.
This is a huge contrast. Another first coat. But the finished results (Wednesday night painting and Thursday morning second coat) is still dark and comforting. I have a shawl and some fabric that I wanted to match and this is a better mix than the original exact colour.

Next week: the before and after. Then on to the next, connecting room that I hope to set up as a guest room.
Tomorrow morning I'm off to Saltspring Island with Noodle Pie and Mom and Paw to celebrate my second sister's 50th. I hope to get some good pics. I need the rest and I bless the (same) little sock that welcomes me for easy knitting.


Angie said...

Those painting and redo projects are so exciting! I'm looking forward to more photos!

Life's a Stitch said...

That's a lot of paint. You'd better be sure you love the colour. It's looking good,