Saturday, October 06, 2007

Not Idle, Not Accomplishing Much

I'm off my schedule.
I started ripping wallpaper in the basement on Monday and it took up two days, making my hands too tired to knit. All four walls were papered in top and bottom and with a border. Mr. Boo ripped off the picture and the glued part came off surprisingly easily. Under it I have panelling with primer on top. The primer kind of wrecks the wood, but allowed the paper to stick and to come away. I'm grumpy about the decorating because it was done by a decorated and just too much. This is the basement "theatre" now that D. has a big TV and I finally get to undecorate it and make it look like a home. Our furniture did not enhance her scheme.
I planned to paint the walls the colour of caramel corn and make the ceiling a shade or two lighter (not the dark maroon it is presently). When I sanded a bit of the wood, it came out exactly the colour I had chosen!!! Plus I think it is really of good quality and will add warmth and coziness. Not that it won't be a lot of work.
The cool skate-board dude at the paint shop said I should finish the walls first to determine their colour before I pick a ceiling and trim colour. Okay.

The edging of the Print O the Waves was mocking me, "I bet you're too tired, I bet you can't concentrate enough to manage me."
But I did get the first short side, the corner and a run at one of the long sides (30 repeats). I try not to panic about finishing it in time for the gift, but it holds me up. Not in a supportive way. Sometimes I just picked up the st st baby cardigan in denim that I'm making for the new daughter of our baby sitter. She came every week for 6 years so I could drum in the band. When she graduated, Noodle Pie was 12 and old enough to babysit others. She was our last babysitter.
Lately I've been bumping into the adults I used to babysit. It's odd. I'm off to a baby shower for one today. I already knit the angel blanket as a gift from her mother and the organic cotton kimono. So I have board books in a bag. Good gifts non-the-less.

I walked the dog instead of going to the Y because I just couldn't take the time.
Two kids home sick for two days really plays havoc on your time.
By Friday they were back at school and I threw myself into the team that co-ordinated a funeral for another very special neighbour. He was just about 70. We have a lot older people to do funerals for. The past little while has had several younger deaths. It's a bit difficult. Especially when one accepts the fact that we're just going to be doing lots more funerals in the future.

Today I'm going to the gym. I will knit. I will try to get my schedule back.

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