Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something's Gotta Give

This is a card my dear friend gave me for my birthday. She is embarking on colour work and I hope to encourage her.

There is no way I can finish my sister's shawl and get a baby sweater finished for Saturday. What am I to do? I just want to give nice gifts to let people know how important they are to me.

But on my walk I figured out a few things about bending time and finishing projects.

1) I already have a finished baby sweater for a mom I probably won't see for a while.

Why not cheat and give baby Lily the kimono and finish the denim sweater for the wee boy named Po? I'm not sure about his name, but that's what I heard and I have time to enquire later.

2) No matching Astra. Not in Chilliwack, not in the Commonwealth. They changed the gauge. I thought I had a great idea for a pi shawl. But I even went to the shop I don't like so much (cheaper than gas to Michael's) and she gave me the low-down. Even Zellers and Wallmart (gasp) no longer carry crappy Patons. It's all Bernat and Red Heart. I did not grow up with these yarns, so they are a type of acrylic that does not signify to me. I can get over Patons acrylic because my grandmother knit with it.

So: use the 4 balls to knit a sweater. Double bonus. Use the inherited stash, cut the project and get over the precedent of baby knitting for the numerous nephews. Triple bonus.

This is my son's highchair. Yes, he is 16. My mother-in-law gave it to us when he was born. It matches my dining set. I have put his name in calligraphy on the bottom.

A few years ago she requisitioned it for her home for the last 2 grand kids. I did not have a choice to decline. Their family does not work that way. What is D's is his brothers (but not vice versa). When I had the family for dinner, they brought it down for said last grandson. I just wanted to document that it is part of our home before I graciously return it. I have already decided to buy her a new one when my kids have babies so I can have it back. This is me trying not to be selfish over something I value but have no need for.

Perhaps buying some wool will help me overcome this. Unfortunately, I need to be finishing knitting instead of shopping. Soon I'll get there. I have turned the second corner and am putting the edge on the second short side. Whew.

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