Saturday, November 03, 2007

Visually Pleasing

We have had a nice dry, crisp stretch which allows the leaves to rest on the ground instead of clumping up in wet balls. This is visually pleasing. It's raining again. Oh well, I got a picture. This is right after I dropped my 14 year old daughter at the bus depot to travel to Naramata for Youth Conference, a great 3-day Youth Group romp with all the younger United Church youth in the province.
My own visual requirements were not met when I went to the trouble of bringing my bookcase upstairs. It was my first purchase after graduating from Nursing School and I love it. To have it in a corner behind the couch in the TV room was too sad. However, it was place too close to the window. Yesterday I took all the books off the shelf and moved it 3 inches to the right. I know. Picky. But very important to the symmetry of the room. I put all the books back on and was much happier. Now I need another book shelf.

And this Noro fun. It's Silk Garden in 203 and 245. The knitting is 1x1 ribbing, but it is visually addicting. I was able to knit through a middle school band concert, waiting at the bus depot and lastnight in a darkened theatre room (almost finished painting) so that I didn't even know what colours were mixing. I moved through the rust and back to blues with the second skeins. I don't want to give this one away. But what better way to let someone know they're special?

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