Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not So Unoriginal

I was captured by my muse (the virtual knitting world) to knit a big hat. The twin to my godson is also turning 17 next Wednesday (they share the same birthday every year). Twin A had a knitted item. Twin B sat crying into his cake in the corner. No, a good auntie won't allow that. So I took a hint from the Yarn Harlot and tried my hand at a quick knit.

I have no jumbo yarn in the stash. I took 3 strands of worsted from a previous nephew sweater and got gauge! Yes! Well, almost. He has a big head so I was happy to be a bit over. Their big brother loved his "Dublin Beanie" in alpaca a few years ago.

Now I don't know if skateboarders wear cables, but I know this dude travels around town on foot and in the bus and would probably appreciate a warm, dry head. I would appreciate a totally engrossing few hours with cables and wool that is sticky enough not to need a cable needle (thanks Grumperina).

When I had finished one pattern repeat, I was afraid the 3 skeins would not go another round. Plus I probably didn't get row gauge (as none was given) . It was almost long enough. So I farted around with joining the cables while slowly decreasing the purls. I don't like hats that decrease too quickly and bunch at the top.

The opposite risk is a pointy top. But this is relieved by wearing the thing. I worry it is too small. I worry it is the wrong colour, although as cafe au lait it is no truly discernable colour. There is a lot of black in it. I worry that cables are for geeks. I worry a lot less because I may not see it that much and my sister will probably snag it if she can. If it is the thought that counts, I'd better include the Dairy Queen gift cards that were their first gift ideas.

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