Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not So Smart

This is my idea of sleeping in on a holiday. I get up early and surround myself with a nest of books, magazines and, on the weekend, the paper. It is quiet and I have even been known to do some writing. Even (gasp) poetry. Somehow this same chair, in my sunroom/office is just too close to central station (the fridge etc.) to allow much thinking. When the troops arise, I pull out my knitting. I can do really difficult knitting while they sleep, too.
One would think that at 14 and 16 they would be relatively independent. This is what I have been striving for for several years as I plan to re-enter the work force. Alas.
I forgot my trumpet. Mom, didn't I have a piano class today? Did you need the keys (this from G'mas as I am stranded in the parking lot). Sigh.

My little patch of clever is this display of personalized stationery for my "team leader". Yes, her name begins with S. I feel bad that I got twice as many cards for the same 1/2 price and the envelopes, too. I used scrapbooking paper and cut out letters I traced from the computer. I'm not the best at cutting (left-handed with a right hand injury) but I got the job done and she will be happy to have something handmade. Don't you just love those people. To them be blessed more handmade goodies.

Now I have learned a lot from my internet knitting friends about using markers, marking patterns, counting rows, etc. I have enlisted these strategies because they are used by better knitters. Before, I thought the goal was to knit better with no help. Not so bright.
However, with the aforementioned aids, I still stumbled. This is not a keyboard. Even if you squint. Even if you hold it really far from the piano. Here froggy, froggy. (Same picture, so intellectually cheapening. Sorry).

Ahhhh. That's better. Almost 2 repeats ( D.C. al fine). I hope our bandmaster likes it. He wears goofy ties. That's encouraging in this case.
I have a very tentative grasp on this 4 row pattern so that, if I am uninterrupted, I can knit the four rows of one pattern stripe as if I could follow along. I didn't get much knit at the rink today (Noodle Pie was doing a Skate Canada skills test), but because of all the aids for the knitterly challenged, I didn't get lost.

I have had to begin another 'public' knitting project. Knitting a gift really tells you how much someone is part of your life. I can't knit this gift at any recitals or practices where the teacher in question or his family may be attending.

Enter EZ Tomten in the ivory astra inheritance for my first grand niece or nephew. This makes me feel better about abandoning the pi shawl.

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