Monday, November 19, 2007

Not A Pink Ribbon

This brown/plum non-colour of yarn is for a friend who has just finished her chemotherapy. I was trained as a paediatric oncology nurse. I know how devastating this treatment can be. She was not supposed to have any radiation or chemo. But after her surgery, they just wanted to be sure. I worked with her on a committee that wrapped up very successfully just before her surgery. She had had a mamogram just a year before, she is young and healthy. It was a shock.

I knit her a prayer shawl right away and gave her a pink ribbon angel to watch over her, but I have not seen her. I am grateful to be on the list of email updates.
But I bumped into a skating mom who works in the same place and my friend is going back to work soon- sans hair.
I hope this soft chemo cap will help her feel loved and ready for action.
It is made of the new Crystal Palace Maizy (82% corn fibre and 18% elastic nylon). I hope it is not irritating to the baby exposed scalp. It is just a bit sproingy- not as much as Cascade Fixation. I think it is also thinner.
Which came first, the pattern or the yarn? They both jumped out to me on the same day.
At first I wanted to knit in red because my friend does not wear pink, doesn't like it and probably hates it by now, being showered with pink ribbon paraphanalia.
I have seen her wear this almost brown. I was wearing it the same day and we made a point of sitting together to laugh about it.
The pattern is from and was designed by Corey Laflamme for her own post-chemo self. It is called a Pi Topper Chemo Cap with a nod to Elizabeth Zimmerman ( I can see the stars alligning).
I ran into the wool shop on Friday because I was worried about Susan who is spending too much time next to her mother's hospital bed. I had seen her Thursday when I bought a book for my sister (the New Cat Bhordi) and I had to get back to her to lend her my copy of Knitting Without Tears. One of the first things I said to them when they opened was they should stock EZ books.
Maybe she'll believe me after reading this amazing book.
I encouraged her to start a Pi shawl or something equally brainless to soothe herself.

My friend has a red beetle and I'm going to enclose this ornament in the pre-Christmas gift.

Eight more batches of shortbread in the oven. Next: Buttertarts and White Mice.
I love food that improves with age.

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Angie said...

Your post-chemo hat in a lovely shade of brown will surely be appreciated. Very cute red ornie!

Mmmm. Shortbread. White mice is an interesting name for a cookie. Would I recognize it by another name?