Monday, November 05, 2007

Almost Unbearable

I love this scarf so much I can hardly bear to give it to my nephew (and godson) for his 17th birthday.
I chose it because he is very stylish and brought back a real European dash from his year as a Rotary Exchange Student. Jared from Brooklyn Tweed has such a grasp of elegant simplicity. I thought my nephew would really appreciate the subtle colour changes, the slubby wool and the extra length. He will smile and put it on right away and give me a big hug and wave as he waits for the schoolbus.
I could always make myself another one. But it would have to be different, and, with Noro, it could turn out radically different. I did love the actual (addictive) knitting. I have learned to embrace "random". But I really would like to recreate it. How dumb is that to have a matching scarf with your old auntie? I guess it really will be his.
It's almost unbearable.

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17th stitch said...

What a gorgeous combination of colors! I'm thinking of doing one for my Grandma... may I ask, how many skeins of Noro Silk Garden did this scarf use?