Monday, November 12, 2007

Meaningful Remebrance

This is my NoodlePie practicing her trumpet for the Last Post. See her kicky new short hair?
She played for the Lieutenant Governor at her Middle School for an exceptional service that included a power point by the computer classes of pictures of soldiers, local, First Nations (aboriginal, Indian?) and relatives of the teachers. The middle school kids were so well behaved. His Honour, Steven Point ( a local boy and hereditary chief) captured their attention. It was fun to watch them go through proper protocol. I'm big on protocol and dress and deportment from my years in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps.
That was Friday morning. Then we went to the Elementary School where the band teacher's wife teaches (my high school friend). I was asked to give a short talk on Piper Richardson VC, our own local piping hero, and Noodle played the Last Post and Reveille again. The little tykes were most attentive. We also took a piper (not my husband or my son). This young man did a stellar job of scaring the kids and making the teachers cry.
On Sunday my band was playing at the cenotaph near the closed army base in Vedder Crossing. I have been there several years attending my young drumming students in the Fraser Valley Youth Pipe Band. Before that, I drummed with the Chilliwack & District Pipe Band at the cenotaph in downtown Chilliwack. But Noodle and I went to church where my dear friend and Worship Team Captain put together a very moving service of remembrance. I did Children's Time as I usually do and Noodle played her trumpet. Usually D. plays trumpet for the church but he was piping at the official service downtown.
We had lots of tears and thankful seniors who are to frail to go out in the (moderate) cold.
We usually carry those disposable hand warmers and try to layer extra shirts under our jackets in the pipe band. One year the rain was so hard, it stopped up the pipes and we had to retreat to a drums only parade. That was fun! Then the band makes the rounds of all the seniors centres and Legions, playing and drinking until about 5:30 at which time they are unable to drive. My soccer-mom van comes in handy.

This is wrong. There is an illusion, but it is no of a keyboard. I had a 50/50 chance of getting the MC and CC right and I lost that lottery.
I frogged it and now it's better. I can knit without that niggling feeling that the world is turning in the wrong direction or at the wrong speed.
Thanks for the comments on my Noro scarf. I used two balls of each number. Would you be brave enough to pick a third like Jared at . He posted the finished scarf on April 30, 2007. (I was going to use numbers only but I'm a bit of a stickler for ascending or descending and he put the month first. No, no, no.)
My nephew's birthday is this week and I hope he loves the scarf because I don't want to give it up.

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