Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Humble Bliss

These socks are so soft and fit my big feet so well! When I put them on I did a "Lime & Violet" squee. These are a decadent pleasure to overcome sore and cold feet. This is an auspicious beggining to a long, dark, wet winter.
Thanks to Noodle Pie for asking to try them on and then taking the time to take pictures. It's nice to have another knitter in the house. We can all knit, but only ther girls care about it.
Thanks to Nancy Bush for the Rib and Cable pattern in Interweave Knits Fall 2005. Thanks to Helen's Needlework in Mt. Vernon, Washington for the Mountain Colours wool in "Meadow". I'm a sucker for good colour names. I bought enough for 2 more pairs when I went back the next year and I think I can hear them crying from the stash in the back corner of the basement.
Mr. Boo got his 'N' yesterday, so he can drive independently. He can only have one friend with him, though. Good. We're proud of his capable, comfortable driving. He's so much like my Paw!
I'm doing a bit of starting. But I should knuckle down and explore the illusion knitting of the piano keys scarf. Let's see if I listen to what I "should" do.


Angie said...

Angie, your socks are lovely! The colors of the yarn are scrumptious...I can see the wisdom of having more in the stash. :-)

Life's a Stitch said...

I want a job as a colour namer. Can you imagine being paid for that?