Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not a Good Friend

Oh No! Bad Friend.

My dear friend is knitting lace socks with Cascade Fixation. In order to help her with the tiny printing, I copied out the lace pattern. The 8 rows took two sides of a 5x7 card.

She called me to say that she was ready to start the heel flap when she found a problem. Oh, no, I thought. She failed to turn the card over.


There are actually 10 rows to the pattern and it is my fault that her lace looks "different". She's OK with it, but I have no way to apologize heartily enough. I think a gift of yarn is in order.

I've made some changes to the blog. Is it easier to read? I wanted to add the blogs I read. It took a bit of fiddling, but I think I can work with this.

We had our first light frost. It's a good thing my sister picked up her plants and took them to her new ranch because they wouldn't have liked my frosty deck last night.

The hardened mud means good walking in the corn field, with off leash Big Black Dog.

On the other hand, our trees are having trouble with the mild climate and light frost. We have willows in full leaf, beach trees with dried leaves that probably won't fall till spring, poplars that gave up their leaves (and some of their lives) in the last big blow, and the evergreen and much revered cedar.

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