Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The Hermione Hat has inspired me to knit some fingerless gloves to match. If I do them in the red Cascade Heritage yarn that I already have, then I no longer have the onerous duty of finding a shawl that I don't want to knit or wear. Why did I buy this yarn? I was going to knit the Mystic Light shawl for a Christmas outfit. But studying and practicum came in the way. My oldest sister would love this.
That made me hunt for patterns for the other two sisters to knit, preferably with some of the faboulous wool I already have. One thing led to another, and I don't know if I'll get it all done in time for birthdays or Christmas. But I enjoy knitting for others.
So much so, that knitting for myself is hard to fit in. Look! The sign of the frog! Yes the thistle shawl went d*o*w*n yesterday. I feel so light. I have acted out my revenge on the blasted thing. Look out Icarus for me!!!

Yes, I got my "R" for my RN. I start work with an orientation shift on Wednesday and my own rotation on the weekend. This is what I wanted and I worked so hard for it...and now I'm petrified.
This morning I went out in the garden and 3 wheel barrows later I came in. Such a late start and so much neglect from last year. I'll be cleaning it up for days. But the rains come tomorrow, so I'll have to postpone.
That's OK because I got this in the mail.

Noro Silk Garden for a Mistake Rib Two Row Scarf for a special Grad present. It's245 and 267. I did a lot of looking in Ravelry and sourcing. This was the closest I could come to my nephew's scarf.
I ordered it on Saturday from Valley Yarn and Julie was super. I got confirmation almost immediately. She lives about an hour away, but shipping is still cheaper than gas and she doesn't have a store front. Her selection is great and I got to meet her at the Fibre Festival, so I was pretty confident. Thanks Julie for the extra gift and the super fast service. I only wish you had been slower because I might have added more. Better this way.
The projects are really building up and taking me away.

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electrictree said...

Congrats on your "R"!
Thanks for the link!! I have some new toys, I bought a cottage spinner for gigantic yarns at the vernon spin-in for a mere $30, so I will be adding some super cool super gigantic yarns soon!