Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There Was Knitting

I just finished my first set of shifts in the hospital. This last night was a huge shift with serious nursing and saving lives and not much rest in between. But I did pick up my Baby Surprise sweater (yellow) and that's how I met another nurse knitter. She was working on a gorgeous green silk and wool sweater with her first (very nifty) cables. I invited her to Ravelry and I know her daughters will rue the day I stole their mommy. It was so great to learn that she was taught to knit by a very special Scottish lady I knew. Her family was a big part of the pipe band. and her grand daughter was our first baby sitter. I remember her funeral where her grandson piped Highland Cathedral and all her friends wore the sweaters she knit them.
While I was working, there was an unfortunate accident in our home. The red ring of death denotes the demise of the XBox. From overuse I am certain. The big boys were hushed and appropriately sombre for the passing. But apparently there is a chance of resurection. I am fascinated by the motherboard.

The May project for the Harry Potter Knit A Long 0n Ravelry is Fawkes Socks. I have some nice Cascade Heritage in red, but I don't think I'd wear another pair of red socks. Instead I could do them in some of my sock stash. I hope I can fit it in. The knitting has been a bit thin on the ground while I slept/worked.
Plus. I'm going to Bellingham on Saturday to visit with a fellow drummer/knitter and she wants to do a bit of yarn crawl. Yay!!
Hopefully I can clean my house (in anticipation of ultimately getting a weekly house cleaner), catch up on my knitting and gardening and podcasts and just generally move into the life that was mine before nursing. I have 10 days off!! This is a great part-time position. It will take some getting used to, but even on a really busy night, there was knitting.

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