Monday, April 27, 2009


Can you see how flat that tire is? The weather is finally warm enough to consider cycling, but still windy. This bike was very cheap and doesn't fit me at all. Does it know it's slated for replacement? I've already pumped up the tire a month ago.

So I walked it the 4 blocks to the corner gas station. Their pump is out of order. I walked it back home and hooked up the Canadian Tire compressor we use for soccer balls. It wouldn't work. I muttered under my breath and I admit to throwing my water bottle. I wonder how soon I can find a new bike like Claudia's from Claudia's Blog?
It was at this time my "World's Worst Neighbor"'s two dogs came into my part of the shared driveway and were barking crazy. She thought she could discuss sharing the cost of a fence because she moved the 1970's RV that has been blocking the driveway for more than a year. All I could manage was, "I have no response for you."

The thimbleberries started blooming last week. This is an indicator plant that the hummingbirds use to migrate north, following the new blossoms. The back of our property, on the other side of the river, has thimbleberries in abundance. Others would call them weeds. But I like to think of them as hummingbird buffet.

My Beloved Lombardy Poplars are finally coming into leaf. I didn't realize how much I missed them. They remind me of girls at a dance, waiting on the edges with their skirts rustling.

I have not been stalled in my knitting. On Saturday morning I had to get up early to get Emily to school for a trip to drumline in Whistler. Mine is the one on the far left with the funky glasses.
Then I had quiet and time to absorb the pattern and flow of this Bristow cardigan front. I've decided not to knit it in the basement. The light is just too difficult for the dark wool. I hope to leave it in a heap in my sunroom, so I am forced to work on it.
For basement knitting, I will start the secret Casbah knitting. Yay. I have such a long queue.

The rest of my Saturday was spent catching up with a dear friend whom I rarely see since we both stopped drumming in the pipeband. She lives in Bellingham, which seemed like a long hours drive (especially after the back-and-forthing I did in the week), but not so far when I remember she and her husband drove up to Chilliwack every Wednesday for band practice.
We enjoyed two of the yarn shops: Apple Yarns in Barkley and Northwest Handspun yarns in downtown Bellingham. Mostly I wanted to visit and have a nice lunch. There was much catching up and a bit of stash enhancement. The Cascade 220 I wanted for the Bountiful Bohus from More Big Girl Knits. (Ravelry link)

Plus superwash from Farmhouse Yarns in Cornflower and Cascade 220 in grey for more gifties.
I still have to work hard at completing things for myself. Now I have 3 sweaters worth and 2 vests to knit myself. I'd better keep them in the queue.

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Angie said...

I've never seen a thimbleberry blossom, how lovely! (The jam is yummy.) (Assuming we are referring to the same resulting berry, of course.) I'm a fan of poplars since they can really distract and relax me.

My reader hasn't been picking up your blog! I'm going to see if I can refresh it.