Friday, April 24, 2009


The Noro two row scarf is done. This time I did the mistake rib and I love the gentle gradation of colours.

This is for Scott's friend. He doesn't wear scarves, or I'd let him have it.

The Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise was cast off last night and this is what I got. Looks like Patrick
or some unformed blob. I have made this sweater many times (six or seven?) and I am always surprised byt the origami outcome.

Last night I couldn't even fold both sides to make it look like a sweater. Because the sleeve seams are on the top and the mitres keep from any straight edges, it's fun to go back and see the path of the cast on and cast off . I got the pattern from a Knitter's magazine years ago.

Ta da. A sweater.

I was in Abbotsford yesterday and bought some soft cotton to make little sweaters for the pregnant nurses I work with. I haven't decided if I'll make them in addition to my monthly. Probably. The blue is for a Baby Bolero from Leigh Radford's Oneskein. I have found the hip young moms like it, and this baby was quite premie, so a little sweater will last a long time. The other one is for a second baby, and I might wait until it is born in a few weeks to maybe make something girlie. She already has a boy.

The other surprise is that I have to run back into Abbotsford to pick up some drum sticks. Emily broke hers again and they've run out at school. I was lucky to source them. The drum corps is going to Whistler tomorrow for a special performance at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. They are the finale and if they show well, they may be invited to play during next year's Winter Olympics.
Off to drive on the Number One Highway in the sunshine.

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