Friday, April 03, 2009

Stretching Boundaries

I spent a lot of energy and deep thinking and finger manipulation to make this bag, but I love it. To take the picture, I fit my whole Swift in it. My stethescope will be very happy going to work in this big bag. McCall's M5487. The instructions weren't very good. I would do it differently another time, but I don't intend to make this bag again. I'm going to give the pattern to my nursing friend, Eleanor, because she probably knows a lot more about making bags than I do.

The inside is lined with more fish and a cunning pocket for my pens, notebook and wintergreen lifesavers.

This is the leftover mess after I extricated two boxes of unravelled yarn from my daughter's "stash". This is mostly my stash. Some was given to her, but none of it was meant to be made into garbag. I extricated some Cascade 220 to make Hermione's hat in the Ravelry Knit A Long in the Harry Potter knits group. I went on a road trip today. Twenty minutes west down the Trans Canada Highway to Abbotsford with two friends. We met three more there and I totally lost track of time. I was really late getting home and still wired on caffeine and wool fumes.

I found Charmed Knits which is what I wanted to buy and ShannonOakey's Alt Fiber that Miss Violet was going on about. This is the second weekend in a month that I was around real knitters and crafters. This totally blows my whole Emo, I'm so alone in the knitting world persona. I'll have to suck it up and learn to walk and talk as I oogle the pretty stuff.

The grey wool is for a man's scarf that I've been thinking of giving to my flute teacher's husband. He came in covered in cold rain (it's been that kind of spring) and I made him wear my Noro Cozy
He liked it so much I had to wrestle it off him. I think a distinguished grey scarf will go much better with his school boy grey slacks and navy blazer. He is such a sweetie.
We "accidentally" went to the Abbotsford wool shop on the way home. We were there till almost an hour after closing.
I also bought some fabric remnants, a bag pattern and a coin purse kit. I was prepared to be a grump about not enough wool related things, but I was intrigued by the great fabrics in the sunny light of my recent sewing success. If I pace myself, I might even learn to get along with my sewing machine.

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Sounds like fun. Come east next time ;-)