Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stash Reveal

Everything off the shelves. What do I have anyway? To be fair, those boxes in the back are another organizing game of my school momentos.

Here it all is.
Top row:
-finished Fleece Artist Ripple shawl.
-Wool in worsted weight odds & sodds
-Chunky bits and bobs
-Noro (gathering for Lizard Ridge)
-Baby yarn- acrylic on top of wool
Next shelf:
-Complete grey wool for nephew # 6 (blue top)
-still aran left overs from the stash afghan
-Nashua blue chunky for a vest
-dk blue acrylic- enough for a blanket
-220 blue- enough for a vest
-Blue Ultra Alpaca (I know, the blue thing)
Next row:
-Sewing bits
-Sock yarn (missing a lid)
-fancy- Habu, ribbon and leftover bits
-UFO- Philosopher's Windows
- handspun
Next Row:
-More sewing
-laceweight (green lid)
-kw crap
-blue fuzzy acrylic- enough for a kids sweater or blanket
-Cotton left overs
Bottom Row:
-220 whole skeins, left over
-nephew #5 sweater (on the needles, but neglected)
-chunky muss
-scrumble (from March 08)

Whew! And in the spirit of full disclosure, these skeins are on my window sill and slated for gift itiems. I ended up with two extra lids and one box with no lid. Hmmm? You can tell that a lot of my stash is disreputable remnants I can not yet throw out. Sometimes this is a problem with a solution (charity knitting), and sometimes it's just a guilty headache.

What's new is I bought full sweaters worth of blue in the Boxing Day sale for myself.

I am on the last piece of the Bristow (right front) and ready to measure out some brown alpaca from a local farm. I hope, I hope it can be Hey Teach. I'm weighing the yarn today to figure out the yardage. Plus I need to get gauge. This would fit similarly to the February Lady, but with shorter sleeves would be good for warmer weather. I did make my FL too big.

The saddest thing in that pantry, not the UFO or the finished shawl with no one to whom to give it, is the needlepoint I started in 1995. Yes a William Morris orange tree. We used to have the persian yarns at the wool shop that closed several years ago. I'll try to work on the little cushion needlepoint I started, and then see if I am a reformed crafter.

My sewing stuff needs better storage, too. I usually can't get to this corner because of the recycling.

This all fits into the things I will do when I am no longer studying and get my life back. Check that off the list. Now to knit it all.


electrictree said...

I just finished up a crazy busy worktime life couple of months and the first thing I did when I was done was reorganize my stash too!! I know that I will have more time...so really reorganizing was just a chance to roll in yarn!

Life's a Stitch said...

Seems like a healthy reasonable stash to me.

Angie said...

Definitely a reasonable stash. :D