Saturday, June 30, 2007

Like Paddling in Ripples

I love my first tast of Koigu. I find this second Clapotis to be relaxing and enjoyable. I actually had the same feeling as paddling a canoe. A pattern in a few steps to pass the marker over or complete the J stroke.
This makes sense for Canada Day.

We've been to several tests and hospitals from New Westminster to Port Moody and the Clapotis has been an excellent travelling companion to augment a tense D. through cardiology.

The end result is he does need a heart repair, but he is allowed to pipe and we are going to Scotland in August for the World Championships in Glasgow.
This is a lot different from potentially emergency open heart surgery and no piping or flying for 6 months.

Did you see him in the Vancouver Sun on Thursday last week to advertise today's BC Highland Games in Coquitlam?

I also was gifted a huge box of acrylic yarns, some cool old patterns and plenty of needles from my great neighbour when she cleaned out her mom's apartment.
I use this wool and needles to share when I teach someone or to make donated items.

I'm just getting back on the horse. I have committee work that I begged off. I played flute last Sunday but I haven't been to band in weeks. They're performing tomorrow morning but I need to be available to a guest speaker instead. I'm not sure of Thursday either. I thought the season would be over by now. I'm trying to get ready for next season.
I also have some studying to do for volunteer work in September and I'd like to get my piano theory redone. I should have written it when my little Noodle-Pie did in grade 3.
All the report cards are in. Honours for both. Gifts given (replacement ipod and rollerblades). I'm "helping" Boo pack for 3 weeks of piano camp on the Island. Whew.
I also booked hotels for Bellingham and Vancouver for shopping/shows with daughter.
Make the most of this summer in the absence of beach weather. I'm not a beach person much anyway: I don't like sand in my wool.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


The sun shines weekly
Summer reluctant to don
The small bikini
On blanched, exposed limbs.
She procrastinates
Fails to buy tickets,
Pack her beach bag
Nostalgic for days
Of shorter duration
Longer rests
By the fireside.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Big Steps

I am now the happy owner of an up-to-date first aid and CPR-C ticket. I took the course as part of my preparations to return to nursing and had a blast.

My first course was when I was 17 and in the reserve forces medical corps. We watched a film that had to be threaded through a projector and saw a woman choose a pencil and dial a rotary phone, very slowly. 9.........(the dial rotated back)1.........1.......

We practiced with no gloves or masks.

I got the chest crusher award because I was full of adrenaline at my test and almost busted the poor annie doll. I also got an annie hickey.

Yesterday was so different. I have taught first aid to other trades in the army. I went to nursing school. I have had two children and countless first aid events at camp and soccer and the skating rink. We had 4 nurses in the class and went through everything tickety boo. I'm proud of my success non-the-less.


I had a flute recital in which I played better than every before. I love my Haydn Serenade and my teacher is such a love ( and a knitter too). My kids were there. Though I had to drag them, they were very kind and it was not too much to ask them to sit through 7 flutist in 30 minutes with ice cream at the end. I'll play that piece at church next month.

So I have some tools to measure my life. The 15 miles I cycle at the Y, the steps forward toward nursing and the improvements I've made in my music. I can settle for that.

Big Fat Disappointment

This is the final product. Why am I surprised to have yet another sweater too big?
Hi, my name is Angie and I have trouble with gauge.
So what to do with this monstrosity? Here I am airing my dirty laundry (poorly constructed handicrafts?). But I feel that I'm not all alone and those of you out there who might chance upon this may have had a similar grief in the long past.
I'd even accept it being quite a bit longer than in the picture (or maybe not) but the underarm hole is gigantic. Not a quick fix. It is integral to the sweater.
My best bet right now is to take it to Hanne at my LYS and ask her to sell it. I think even one lady I've met there might like it.
I'm just going to ask the price of the yarn which I got at half price on Boxing Day.
To placate myself, I will start my Koigu clapotis.
I had to rip out that same sock. Poor thing. The sock that never was. I like the short row mitred heel, but I didn't finish decreasing- directly related to putting it down for too long. I like just having a sock on the needles so perhaps that's what I'll have.
The Fleece Artist Soft Wavy Wrap is lovely but too fluffly and hot for right now. I don't need it until October.
Sigh. Will I ever champion the acceptance of body image and knitting. Perhaps I should just knit something out of Big Girl Knits. It's sitting on my shelf, trying to be my friend and accept me for who I am.
IN other news, D. has a follow up tranesophageal echocardiogram on Thursday and possible heart surgery. It's been a big year. We are blessed with his tenatious baby brother ( an esteemed interist) and a great group of friends who are praying for him and us.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I"m Sorry William Shatner

I have been increasingly unwell despite working much harder than usual at my health, so I've taken a drastic step and taken out insoluble fibre from my diet.
I have IBS and bran is one of the noted gastro intestinal irritants. But I love my whole wheat everything and roughage. I was a Weight Watchers leader and the increased fibre can really make you lose weight and gain health.
For now I'm into white bread (from a good bakery) and cooked vegetables. Two cups of peppermint tea a day. I actually already feel less bloated after a few days. Unfortuately sugar and alcohol are also on this list. I can cut out the sugar OK for a while, but I would like a glass of wine on the weekends. Perhaps if I'm feeling well enough.
Mr. Shatner has a silly set of All-Bran commercials that I see when I'm on the bike at the Y. I think many people don't think about nutrition, fibre and whole foods. I 'm not enamoured of packaged anything. And now no granola, seeds or whole wheat and bran.
So the only fibre challenge that I am up to is using my imposed "rest" (non-weight bearing) to knit and plan knitting and wind up my lovely new balls from Mothers' Day.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

One Good Turn

I turned the heel of this neglected sock and hardly realized it.

I've heard a lot about Nancy Bush and I was surprised to find I actually had the right yarn for her Ribs and Cable Sock in Interweave Knit's Fall 2005. This is a great pattern.

I'm no sock expert and I thought I would make Jay Walkers (put me alone on the list who have not made them yet) but I couldn't resist trying this simple, classic design. The yarn is from Helen's Needlework in Mt. Vernon Washington where I am lucky enough to shop during the July Highland Games. It's from a few years ago. I also enjoyed Wild Fibres there and would hit that store first. But I don't think I'll be going to any games on this bad foot.

So I managed to pick away at this sock during travels. I hope to make the toe with Lucy Neatby's chimney and cast on quickly for the second. I like having a pair of socks on the needles even if I don't need mindless knitting.

I like the short row heel. We'll see how it fits soon. This Mountain Colors is fuzzier and not as tightly spun as the Socks That Rock. I do love the colours. I like the idea of fancy socks that don't kick you in the teeth with their pattern. I have big feet and cold feet, so these socks should do fine.

I've knit several pairs before (5? 6?) I have three more pairs worth: 2 more mountain colours (one for pedicure socks for my friend for Xmas I hope) and Trekking XXL. That's pretty yummy stash for such a small gathering. I wasn't even tempted to buy more while I hadn't turned the heel on this one.

The great disappointment that is my blue diagonal cardigan now has one short sleeve and one long. I just ripped it from the longest point I could live with and knit up the cuff. I was going to knit it separately and graft it on, but with two rows of garter stitch, it didn't seem to matter. Still I couldn't face ripping up the second one last night while D. and I watched O Brother Where Art Thou (alone!), so I tucked in all the loose ends. It was surprisingly comforting like soaping a saddle or hanging laundry in the sun. Soon I will do the second sleeve and, instead of a pile of yarn in the stash, or an unfinished object on the needles, I will have a sweater. I will even try to love it.

I managed to get to the knitting Friday morning at the Chilliwack Craft and Wool Shop. I like those ladies so much. A fine smattering of old Dutch grannies, ladies my age from field and forest, and the odd (not so odd) hipster. Lots of learning going on in that group. I am their link to knitty and the internet. I can't imagine managing knitting without the internet community. So much sharing going on. And I'm learning to open up and add my two (Canadian) cents.

Well, one good turn deserves another.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

7 Habits

Seven habits of a creature of strange habits.
This comes from Li at Life's a Stitch. Note to self: learn how to do hypertext links.

Here's some of my many habits:

1. I always back into a parking space or pull through, "ready to go".

2. I have to earn my morning shower with a workout. Even if I don't get to clean up until 2pm.

3. I like to wear one donimant colour with neutrals. Denim is a neutral. Pink, red or purple are stand-alone accents. This has trickled into my knitting except for fair isle.

4. I do housework at the beginning of the week (Monday) so I can enjoy a clean house while my family is back at work/school.

5. I treat myself to a fun mystery novel after each serious read.

6. I can surf. I have surfed. I did surf. I have pictures to prove it. That was my dream for my fortieth birthday and it tasted great despite the salt and sweat.

7. I have lost some dreams on the sidelines.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not Finished

This diagonal stitch cardigan from Debbie Bliss is a difficult sweater. I quietly picked away at it, row by row. I liked the interesting construction. I like the raglan sleeves. I like the drape of the fabric.
But it's TOO BIG. Can't win.

At first I thought the sleeves were just too long and I could easily rip them back, knit a new cuff and graft it on. Thanks to my on-line friends for even thinking that is a reasonable, normal venture.

But it's too drapey. It's not the sweater I was hoping to have. I wanted it more like the picture.

What to do? NOT abandon it to a container in the basement. I've had disappointments before and I have had successes. I will fix the sleeves and try to shrink it a bit in the wash. It's mostly cotton and may ignore it's acrylic content for me. It's not a bad sweater. Just not the one I hoped for.
Blogger is being cranky and won't let me post a picture. I'll try soon.
I'm not finished with you yet!