Friday, February 23, 2007

Ready for the Next Thing

D. is well and seems to have recovered his very scary episode. My life is ravelling back together. I'm exhausted and a bit flakier than usual. I am so thankful for my good friends who are sincerely there to support and encourage us.
In a fit of being overwhelmed, I cancelled a bunch of stuff this weekend and I am so glad. I need to just sit and knit next to hubby.
I am so ready to be done this angel blanket. But I have a long border to go. Just keep working through it. There are 4 other babies- one is imminent. Must try the 5 hour sweater. I've set aside some cotton for that.
Plus Brooklyn Tweed has an excellent toque pattern that will be luscious in all my pink and purple stash bits. It has been a long, cold winter. I woke up to snow this morning! Right now it's warm and sunny.
But I still have a wish to wear my new (half-finished) mohair shawl and the hat that is not yet on the needles. Maybe if I really prepare for the cold, the daffodils will come out. I win either way.
I should be knitting.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Just a Spot

My husband had a small TIA last night. That's transient ischemic attack as in stroke. He's 44. We were singing and playing flute/ pipes at a Shrove Tuesday celebration last night when he kind of went numb.
Overnight in the Emergency ward- thank goodness his brother the internest got us on the fast track.
He's out now with no abnormal results other than a "spot". We're off to the neurologist in the next town. I'm the one who's numb now.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Don't Curse the Angels

I obviously have too much going on. The Skating Carnival was yesterday and I'm so glad to have that over. Such an overwhelming amount of volunteering. I did enjoy being the MC and hearing my Noodle-Pie sing O Canada.

But this baby blanket is just not my cup of tea. I usually design my own blankets. They are not blocks and do not include tricky little reperesentational pictures, though they may have letters.
I have to admit they are charming angels, but I feel like a sheep blindly following stitch to stitch on the pattern. I normally read the stitches on the needle and enjoy the rhythm of the pattern.

Oh well, one and a half of the little blighters to go. I decided to ask my friend, the new grandmom to be for a gift cert from my LYS. That way I'm not being paid, but "gifted" and I'll get something I really want because I'm on a stash diet and this won't count. I know, now I'm tricking the angels and using them for other ends.
Let me throw myself into the last squares now and then I'll work on the mohair shawl I snuck into the project list because I was feeling so overwhelmed. That doesn't make any sense either but a least I could do some mindless knitting at the rink.
This week is Piano Festival. What shall I bring to knit?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dearest Cupcake

I made these last night for my family. Valentines isn't a big holiday here. I remember when cupcakes were the appropriate celebration for every occasion. I rather miss the little ones.
Noodle-pie asked last night if I had bought her any candy hearts to give to her friends. She forgot she had told me she was too old. I would have been happy to play along.
D. gave me an emerald ring and earrings in Texas so he's off the hook. I gave him a Starbucks card. Practical but a little luxurious. What do you buy the Scottish piper who wants to save money?
The angel baby blanket is coming along with more glitches and hopefully more prayers than expletives. I need to add a few rows to each plain lace square because the stupid way the instructions were written. Also each angel is like a gimmicky magic trick. Each row is random mixes of yarn overs and k2tog's. Not the pleasing predictable tracks of my usual cable or lace work. Still, I'll work three or four or all of them before I decide I don't like the pattern. That's the difference between now and before I had knit a lot. If I didn't like a pattern, I would give up. Now I don't give up until I'm done.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blessings for a Baby

It turned out a little bright and busy, but it's possible that my friend's baby will be the same. My baby is 14 years old and knitting her own sweater. But I feel a need to connect with this old friend who so graciously shared her family when I was far from mine.
It hasn't been a great week. What with "Skating Carnival" and "Piano Festival" you'd think my life was a rollicking party. But it just means extra duties and driving. The sewing of sparkly costumes if really over the top and I object. In addition we had an extra long Sunday with meetings and lessons. At the end of a very nice supper, my husband was called out to look at a sick colt and I had to lead yet another meeting into the night. Phew!
I did say no to two meetings last week and I cancelled my band because I was under the weather with my asthma. I'm a bit perkier now. The trick is to not overdo it.
The angel baby blanket is started. The acrylic yarn is actually soft and easy to work with. It's also worsted weight, so I'm going great guns. Three plain lace squares finished. I'll do a fourth and then start on the pretty cabled angels. I'm doing this as a favour for the mom-to-be's mom. This isn't as fun as knitting on my own steam. I had planned to knit her a sweater anyway. I may have enough yarn left over from the blanket to make a matching one. I'll get there when I get there.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

One Sure Thing

I'm shorting out. Skating Carnival. Piano Festival. It sounds like my life is a party. But this is a tough season for the mother of two busy teens. Extra practices and lessons toward performance and real excellence.
But little excellence in my own life. Knitting helps me to focus beyond the dirty floor and the unreturned calls.
I worked hard to do my follow ups this morning. I said no (!!) to two requests. That was hard. But when will I get my own stuff done? The house had its big weekly clean, so it can just shut up and get in line. I want to write. I need to read. These things are getting burried.
But the knitting is always available while I'm waiting or gearing up for other(s) things.
The sleeves are almost done on Cecelia. Such a joy. And actual evidence that I'm getting somewhere.
My deares knitting friend and I poked around "the other" wool shop yesterday. I succumbed to rosewood dpns. It's not like me, but on the weekend I found myself without 4mm dpns. How can that be?!! I can't tell you how many needles I have in my cupboard and the binder that holds my circulars. So I bought the plain ones at Zellers on Sunday so I could continue with my colourful sleeves. But now I have lovely - not to share- rose wood ones. Hmm. What can I make?
I have to get to this knitting for a friend. It's hanging over me. It won't take that long once I begin, but I can't enjoy planning other knitting or the quilted knitting bags I long to create until I meet the agreed terms. What should I ask for in return? I don't want cash.
Tomorrow I must spend a little time in the garden if it's not too wet. I want to welcome my spring bulbs in proper beds.
I want to just play with my knitting, but I have to be a grown up, too.
Looking forward to this evening when I return from band practice and can whip up a few stitches.

Friday, February 02, 2007

There She Is

Captured in the garden of the Chilliwack Academy of Music.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feast of St. Brigit

Today is the feast of St. Brigit, according to CBC Radio2. They are playing a feast of Celtic music this morning which feeds my soul. She is the patron saint of blcksmiths, midwives and hand crafters.
From Deborah Bergman's "The Knitting Goddess":
Brigit was Abess of Kildare Abbey when Patrick started a religious revolution. There was much uncertainty. February 1st was Imbolc, the day of the feast of the Queen of Heaven and cakes werer baked for her. It marked the first of spring and the lambing season as it means "in the belly" and also "ewe's milk".
She was known for eternal beauty and grace. She was able to ease the pain of childbirth. Brigit's fire marked the change from the pure white light of the winter solstice to the "earthy, amber light of transition and birth. It fed the blacksmiths' forges and the hearths of the spinners It emanated from her hair and flamed out of her sparkling eyes. Some saw it ffrom the wriling of a twelve-spoked fiery spinning wheel. It is customary to clean out the hearth and lay a new fire on this day.
Her warm amber light is symbolized by butter, honey, beer and Irish whiskey. All the best things.
Celebrate the divine light of this new season by enjoying your knitting projects.