Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Good Long Wait

Yesterday the teenager came home from Whistler with bronchitis. There was great drama. The upside is that the long wait at the doctor's clinic allowed me to start my Taize shawl for travel knitting. It's Noro sock yarn and promises to be simple and even contemplative.
The Lady of the Lake sweater is done. It is fuzzy, but not as fuzzy as the picture. I'm still getting the hang of the "self portrait". My goal was St. Patrick's day, so I'm ahead. Will I have time to swatch the Bountiful Bohus? Will I finish my current socks? Who knows. There is still the Lady Eleanor in the basement.

The sun came out today. My violets naturalized, just to please me. The whole bed was violets years ago, but the husband said they looked messy. It broke my heart to dig them out (and my back and my hands). But they have avenged me.

Happy crocuses cheering them on. I am always surprised when they peek up. I have quite a few now. Most of the other bulbs are eaten by the squirrels.
The ducks are enjoying the afternoon sun on our Luckakuck River. Sometimes I wonder why we go away. Not long now before our Saturday flight to Kona, Hawaii. I am so packed. Just a short wait.

Monday, February 15, 2010

On a Break

D had Valentines plans eventhough he's on call for 5 days straight. What a great surprise to receive tickets to Michael Buble in August. That's pretty romantic for my life.
I gave him a photo book of African animals because we are planning a trip in the future.
I'm on a break from work for a while. And boy do I need it. There is a bullying undercurrent that I am not prepared to be a part of. Plus the work is not what I ever intended. So today I called the "head nurse" from another unit and was very encouraged to consider the switch back to my old type of nursing. Plus I checked out the post diploma degree program which was part of my original plan. Whew! I really did a lot of thinking on my walk this morning.
I blame Tasra Mar . I found her great videos on reorganizing the home from .
She is very practical while still being innovative and really camera-cute. Plus she quotes David Allen and Seth Godin. How cool is that? I know, I'm the weirdest housewife geek.
I worked during the Olympics opening ceremony, but was so happy to be able to watch the whole thing on-line. Isn't the internet great?
Emily is up at Whistler and phoning us regularly. They have been on CTV and Global, but we don't have cable, so I probably won't hit the right news broadcast.
I am almost done the Lady of the Lake sweater. The sleeves were both finished lastnight. I made pencil scores for each row of the first sleeve and then wrote over them in marker for the second sleeve so (if I counted right) they are equal. I just have to do the collar, but I've been on the phone and computer all day so far.
On Saturday, I woke after nights and went to join my best friend and her friend at a knitting "non-retreat". Her friend came out from Vancouver for the weekend and I joined them for some super duper knitting. We are thinking of setting up an Alaskan cruise for an informal knitting retreat. What fun.
This year I wrote my 10 for 2010 goals for knitting. Knitting in the company of others, at least once a week, was one of the points. It certainly enriches my knitting. I have a retreat booked for April and I still want to set up a face to face meeting with my first blogger friend, Life's a Stitch
So in this couple of weeks break, I am already heavily into re-imagining my life and work and how to get more time with the people I care about.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blown Away

I got out of my bed long enough on Sunday to go to a concert at our school gym. This is my daughter's drumline that is going to the Olympics. It was an incredible hour. We were all blown away by their energy and choreography and sound. They have a rock band, but also an "unplugged" show with bagpipes and tuba. Look for them at the bobsled run, the ski jump venue and some medal ceremonies.
The next morning I woke up worse than before and had to make a decision early about calling in. I hadn't been able to eat by 10 am, so I cancelled. Sat in bed and read and knit and slept.
I'm quite a bit better now. I'll do a switch shift Thurs and Fri. Then I'm off till after Hawaii.

Thank-you Miss V. When I signed up for the Team L&V fitness challenge, she gave out a sock pattern. You can buy it for $1 on Ravelry.
Ironically, it was lying on my but that gave me the time to whip up these sportweight hiking socks. The Fleece Artist Somoko yarn is amazing with some kid and silk. The colour is like denim yarn, but it didn't rub off onto my fingers like the cotton indigo yarn. I reknit the toes when I found out how much yarn I had left. My feet are size 10 (ladies) and it's going to take quite a bit of experience to get over the fear of running out of wool in a pair. I'm glad I didn't cheap out on the length of the leg.
I sure won't be hiking today, but I can get out and buy some fresh food and get to two appointments.

To console me as my head swam and my needles burned, I had a Harry Potter film festival. That's right. Every single one. Can you tell D is away? I watched upstairs on my computer to knit in the sunlight. It really helped with the dark yarn. Then I went downstairs after dark and watched on BluRay. The Lady of the Lake sweater co-operated. I'm knitting the sleeve in the round, but had to do a double take as the garter is knit backwards (thus purled) this way. I'll start trying it on soon, so I don't make it too long. Lots of notes so sleeves match!
The Bible For Missions Thrift Store picked up our old sectional sofa yesterday. I had to do a lot of vacuuming and dusting in the basement where we keep the TV. Today I should have delivery of a new sofa and loveseat. I'm still unsure of the "non-colour". Wish me luck.
I am so pleased to be blown back on course.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Home Sick

Large flocks of Canada Geese are circling the field beyond the poplar trees. I have weird flu-like symptoms that came on to me as I was waking up at report yesterday. I stayed to slowly work through the morning care and meds, but those left behind could only think of their extra work load. No aplogizing can make up for not pitching in. But in a haze I went to bed and slept and slept.
Even now I will go back to bed and think I am well enough to cast on a sock or knit something simple, but it is a ruse.
I look at the sky and am taunted by the those with wings and song.

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Right Time

I decided to walk the dog right after taking Em to school (trumpet and viola in tow). It was a good decision because the light was coming out and I finally got pictures of the Quince tree down the street. It has been valiantly opening blooms since New Years.
We turned the ( calendar to February and have a huge month in front of us (Olympics, Hawaii), but not as dreadfully packed as January. The warm rain is here and I am thankful for the green and rich neighborhood.

My snowdrops don't get as much light as these. They are magical in the early days of "spring". We could still get snow, and I know many want it for the Winter Olympics. But my daughter is going to be in a marching drumline at Whistler Village and I'd just as soon she not get frost bite.
Neuroknitter at We Heart Yarn has inspired my photography and given me the lust to make socks. Today she included me in a virtual question and answer period for Chrissy Gardiner's new book Toe Up!
She answered my question and then made it even more clear by answering another question. Thanks!
I just bought Wendy Knits new book Socks From the Toe Up because I felt I had some responsibility in answering my own toe up question and really hadn't done any research. I knit on the Fit Well sock last night at a Youth meeting and my minister worked on hers.
It feels like the right time to be knitting socks.