Friday, February 10, 2017

I'll Be Happy When...

I was taken by this phrase while listening to the Knitting Pipeline podcast. Paula is a wise person and instead of saying she hated the noise and inconvenience, she said she'd be happy when the house next door was finished building.
I'm not even sure she knew how powerful her framing was.
This has been a slow season. We have had uncharacteristic snow and then an ice storm. I'm using this time for my own healing and renewal.
Today I felt strong in yoga, I have been choosing good food choices for my body, and I'm reading more and writing more. 

The knitting is going slowly, partly because I can only work for short periods. Nurse, heal thyself. I am enjoying a knit-a-long with Imagined Landscapes Podcast, the #wearableblanketkal. I really rely on the encouragement of these fun knitters while I make acres of grey-blue. The only other thing I'm really working on is the crochet rabbit hole granny stripe blanket, for the pure pleasure of colour and soft texture.
 But I can see the longer hours of daylight. I am enjoying the extra reading and trying to make sense of the crazy political world we are sliding into.
I'll be happy when my yoga shawl is finished. I'll be happy when I've finished the edit on my first short story assignment. I'll be happy when it's spring.
But I won't wait until then to be happy with my life.