Monday, October 26, 2009

A New View

Look in the tree. Protect your camera from the giant raindrops, but follow your neighbour across the bridge. He's not just looking for his little dog. He asked me to come and take a picture of an owl!
Here it is with flash. Just sat there and watched us. We have hopes that it will depopulate the introduced squirrels and maybe even a few of the congregating ducks.

This is a view I've never seen before. I didn't even really know where I was. There is a new road built through one of our First Nations Reserves. This is looking north.
It links my closest big road to the hospital. That's great. The deal was they get to build a casino. That is not so good. I don't believe that is the best way to spend money. There's only so much money out there and not everyone is playing with mad money. But that's my stinky position.
Here is another brand new view from the top of the "fly over" looking west on the TransCanada Highway. It wasn't supposed to be a proper exit, but the band got snitty about access to the casino. Don't get me started. The overpass and the road are only open to bicycles and foot passengers right now. But there were lots of people exploring despite the threat of rain. If you build it...
Have you seen TED? I am so hooked on this. I can only watch one or two talks at a time because the ideas are so stimulating. I love design and innovation. I was especially taken by Thomas P.M. Barnett's talk on peace resolutions. I didn't realize how stressed I was about the lack of solutions to the violence. I needed a new view.
I finished the Therapi Dashing gloves. Huge mods. I didn't want them to go all the way up the arm, but I wanted them longer than Fetching. so I cut out lots of rows between the cables. Plus I tidied the cables by keeping the purl stitch between them. It's a little bit tricky, but it's not a big project. The colour is more olive.
We're not through October and I only have 2 more pairs of fingerless mitts to knit for Xmas.
I'm on the second of three parts of the yoke of the nephew sweater, pretty close. But it's heavy and hard on my hands and dark.
So I started the whirligig shrug in Berrocco Comfort for a co-worker who had her baby girl a few months ago. I'm using what I thought was DK but is worsted (clearly labelled), so eventhough I'm knitting the smallest size, it's coming out about 18 months size. Elizabeth Zimmerman says babies come in many sizes so just knit.
I like that view.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not This Weekend

We went to my sister's cabin on Harrison Lake for Thanksgiving a few weekends ago. It can only be reached by boat.
Salmon feast being unloaded with ample tipple.

We spied wild ginger in the woods behind.

This time I wore enough clothing and hand knits that others remarked. But I was so cold last time I didn't enjoy it. I am a wimp. Especially when the weather starts turning.
We are lucky now to have sunshine. The rain has been medieval and the last of the garden flowers are beaten about the face and neck.
Still, we are thankful. And it looks like this effort has paid off with spending more time with my sisters.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So Far, So Good

The sleeves and body are joined. I did add two inches to them, at first not on purpose, but now I know my nephew will need it. I have no little nephews. Even the three year old is tall. This pattern is from an old book I bought years ago: Vogue Fair Isle & Textured Knits No. 4 . It's from 1986 but doesn't have the overt oevre of that era because the patterns are based on old, previously published sweaters.
I got new boots. It was a bit of a schozzle because I live in a hick town. I know, you should be able to get cowboy boots in a hick town, but not to fit. I went to Stampede Tack and Feed in Cloverdale and found a suitably non-flashy pair of Pro-baby boots. My orthodics fit inside, and they are as comfortable as others have said. I wore them in the mall for a few hours before I decided to keep them.

Carly wants to know why I'm working so much and taking pictures of the ducks instead of her. This is one of her least favourite days: carpet cleaning. Ironic, because she is the main messer.

The ducks are congregating for their autumn meeting. They were all on the deck again until I opened the door and the dog went after them. But they aren't afraid because she is kept to the top of the garden with a radio collar. We don't use it anymore, but don't tell her it's not on.

The skies are actively changing with the changing seasons. I get to go to lunch today with my nursing refresher buddy and I've really missed her. We met last fall and clicked right away. Good thing, the hour commute would have been hell. She just finished her preceptorship in Home Health, so we have lots to talk about. Like you were worried. We haven't run out of words so far.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I've Come So Far

Last Wednesday I started out with my eldest sister on an Island romp. We took the ferry to Victoria. She went to a meeting and I drove to UVic. It is unnerving how easily I can navigate the confusing roads of this city. I spent many summers there as a child with my Aunt Anna and Scott and I spent several weekends at soccer tournaments. His room is nice and his friends waited their lunch for me. Sweet. This is a picture of the creepy bunnies that are on every lawn. They're not afraid of lawnmowers, even. The campus is gorgeous and he has some nice friends already.
Then we went to Saltspring Island. We missed a ferry and had a long wait. But we were fine with our books (and knitting).

Both of these sisters are pining for a sailboat, so we haunted all the harbours.

And enjoyed some of the beaches.

Pat is a sheep breeder now and gave me the most precious skein of her ewe's wool. Shetland! The tag says Standard White Chantecler, Silver Grey Dorking, Shetland Sheep. Unfortunately it was too dark when we were up on the mountain at her place. We barely saw the new studio where her husband does his carving.
We missed another ferry on the way home and worked hard to not get too tired on the drive home. I was several hours later than I had hoped and D was just back from another trip that took him to the other sister's in Kamloops. We were all out of phone range! Weird and a bit disturbing.
Then I jumped into the pool of exaggerated emotions that has been my shifts. I'm tired and a bit disappointed at some of my co-workers approach to difficult patients. But as a newbie and part-timer, I don't make the rules. There have been many stat orders and heroic efforts and sore feet (mine). One more night.
I already did a bunch of followup in my real life today so I can have an easy day tomorrow when I wake up.
Knitting? Yes. The nephew sweater is still appropriate for work.
The Woodland Shawl enjoyed the drive and the ferry ride. But my friend loaned me the book, The Thirteenth Tale, and I am enthralled. It has been a long time and I missed the feeling.
I have enjoyed lurking on your sites. I find the knitting community so loving and giving. Thanks.
I'll throw myself into another night of care giving and then assess how far I have to go.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


MIL cooks a mean turkey. There was plenty of dysfunctional family conversation, but the feast was astounding.
This is a picture of my in-law's old farm from their new house on the hill.
I also had planked salmon at my sister's cabin, but the pictures are in Mom's camera. I'll get them soon because Harrison Lake is a feast for the eyes.

I feasted on a bit of a wool crawl today. It started with picking up Scott on the busiest day of the BC Ferries. We had dinner at Coza in Langley and enjoyed it enough to leave my credit card (duh). The manager was super and I felt it was safe. As there was nothing to buy at my family feasts, I thought it could wait until Tuesday.
The usual suspects (Jean and I) valiantly sallied forth to two book stores and the Langley Knitopia which will barely cease to be when you read this. They are going back to White Rock. I tried to link, but it looks like they don't have a website.
I did manage to get 50% off wool. Yay! Not the Fame above which I intend to use as a gift shawl.

Not the Misty Alpaca sockweight that jumped out at me as we entered.

But this Briggs and Little Heritage pure wool, spun in the oldest mill in Canada for...suspense... $3.30 per 100 grams. I know!! It will make an excellent nephew sweater if it's not snapped up before that.
I had to drive because I was penitent about my mistake. But tomorrow my sister is driving us to Victoria and then on to Saltspring to visit a 3rd sister (just down one, and my husband is at her place right now).
Major knitting opportunity. I don't want to knit the wrong sister's mitts. I don't want to knit her son's sweater. So I am forced to cast on the Woodland Shawl in my grey-blue Heritage Cascade sock yarn.
I sure miss my Cozy and I hope this will assuage the saddness somewhat.

The snow berries are heralding the change of season.

The last of the bright sun on the echinacea (keep your immunity strong).

And another Christmas gift knocked out of the park. Intercostal mitts in Cascade 220 superwash. Woohoo!
Feast on that.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

This is my front door with the gourds and pumpkins given to me by my friends to decorate the church. I think it's going to be fun.
The corn is off and, despite my heel pain, I enjoyed a lovely walk with the big black dog this morning. We don't have much fall colour yet and I can still wear just a sweatshirt ( and pants and shoes of course).

A wonderful package in the mail. Debora's Garden lace and sock weight needle gauge in lovely blue. I have it on a silver chain above my desk and have already used it a few times.
My work knitting was stocking stitch sleeves in the round. I am torn between finishing the nephew sweater and greedily saving the simple knitting for my next set of shifts. I think I'll try to power through and get the next simple thing on the needles.

For now I'm celebrating the product. I am thankful for my crystal palace needles. I am thankful for my row marker, made by my nephew and available at Twist of Fate . I am thankful and surprised that this Cascade 220 Superwash is so very soft. Another Christmas gift is already finished. I couldn't stop knitting these Intercostal Mitts for the second time.

I am thankful for the Pretty Thing pattern that Stephanie put up for sale. That Paypal thing is pretty slick and pretty dangerous. Now I need to get me some Yak Silk.
I'm off to the ferry to pick up my son for his first weekend home from University. Looking forward to it. Pumpkin pie!!!
Have a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Day of the Scarf

The weather has gotten chilly. I heard from my nephew and my almost-nephew that the Noro scarves are out and getting compliments. How rewarding is that from two 18 year olds? This thick scarf is for my own non-scarf-wearing son. I tried a brioche stitch that I thought looked like houndstooth and just couldn't warm to it no matter how many times I went up a needle size. So I searched Ravelry. I found a scarf knit in the round and this pattern on a baby blanket. I cast on 7 pattern repeats and it's going pretty quickly. I hope to get 3 feet from the first two balls. It may be just too rediculously bulky to wear on a human neck.
The signs of autumn on my early morning walk.

And Stash Adjustment. From Twist of Fate in Kamloops (an online) I found this gorgeous Fleece Artist Marina and Curlylocks for a Lady of the Lake sweater for me.

This is my Socks that Rock shipment. My first order from them went very smoothly. I chose (top to bottom) Ravenscroft, Stonewash and Seal Rock. An example of my eclectic taste. I dream of knitting socks next year.

This is a Fleece Artist special that I hope to either make into a gift or give as a gift to J.

More sock yarn: Sokomo from Fleece Artist.

And the current nephew sweater in a yarn I bought for myself in the 'nineties. How scary is that? It's a cable yoked sweater that I've knit twice at least and fits well. I wonder if EZ wrote this pattern for Vogue back in the day? I think this simple roundy stocking stitch will be simple enough for my night shifts coming up.
The rain has started and I'm going to try to pack up a few cupboards of china and crystal that I don't use so I can put some craft supplies upstairs. Wish me luck.