Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eastern Seaboard Part Deux

 Here's the linen tea towel I bought from the silk screen studio in Saguenay. I love the blueberries.
 Carly missed me and is so happy to have me back and walking her every day.

 In PEI I bought this hand woven tea towel for a gift.

 Cottage Craft is a Nova Scotia mill. I bought this in Sydney from a lovely lady who was mainly selling knitwear.
 This looks more purple, like squished blueberries. It is 85% mohair and 15% merino worsted weight from a chevrerier (goat farmer) and designer. We loved her booth.
 Northern Waters Knitwear in Charlottetown had lots of low priced, locally milled pure wool. I want to make my paw some felted mitts with this brown.

 The Mineville Wool Project is from Fleece Artist. I thought this would make me a nice cowl. 250m chunky.

 Belfast Mini Mills is on PEI. This was such soft, washable wool. I thought I would make man socks. There is still enough after the fingerless mitts.

 I found a beautiful set of Casbah and fleece for thrummed mittens. They are in an Iris colourway for my mom.
 Also bought a hand woven waist jacket for DH for Christmas. Please don't tell him. This seriously takes the pressure off for the third sweater of Christmas. The Slade is blocking on the carpet in the front room and I have achieved gauge for my daughter's sweater. But there are numerous accessory gifts for family and friends.
 I also found this enormous merino wrap in a vintage shop. Love the silver/taupe. Could have used it for the Opera.
It's nice to be home. The coffee is so much better, but the service leaves something to be desired. I was a bit woozy as I did loads of laundry and washed floors.
Already I'm packing for next week. DH and I are taking a week to Palm Desert because he hasn't had a holiday and worked hard all summer. There will be travel knitting.

Eastern Seaboard Part Un

I flew to NYC and met a friend from home who has been travelling. We had a lot of fun. I wore my Starry Starry Night socks to the MOMA.
We stayed just down the street from Carnegie Hall.
We took a whole day to shop at Purl Soho and the area. It is a lovely shop with very nice people- many of whom were visitors like us.
I took off on a walk through Central Park. Full of joggers and moms pushing strollers, wee ones learning soccer.
After a few wrong turns, I found Strawberry Fields. There were no flowers there that morning, but I sang a little prayer.
The New York Public Library was fabulous!
We saw "Macbeth" at the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Centre.
Then on to our ship and unpacked in our stateroom.
Good bye New York. Hope to see you again.

Boston was full of history and gardens.

Maine was beautiful.
Halifax was a bit overcast, but we had a good welcome. Each port had wifi and a little arts and craft fair.
I loved the Nova Scotia Crystal Factory and picked up a few gifts.
Alexander Keith's brewery was beautiful and is one of DH's favourite IPAs.
Then on to Sydney.

And Prince Edward Island.
Sir John A. MacDonald was Canada's first Prime Minister and Charlottetown is the cradle of confederation.
They have "Cows" ice cream.
Our ship took up the whole harbour.

The next day, at sea in the St. Lawrence Seaway, we had a 5k on board.

Saguenay had the best welcome with square dancers and blue berry pie.
Then maple taffy. We shopped in the artisan booths.
Then we went back on board for Dim Sum in the Tamarind Room. We loved this restaurant and its servers.

Back on shore we went to a silk screen artist's studio, Moi a Moi. She made a linen tea towel beaver for one of our party because the one she wanted had been sold.

Ile d'Orleans just before Quebec City.
We docked right in front of the Chateau Frontenac. It is a UNESCO Heritage site.
Love the Canadiana.

The Old City is beautiful, like Europe.
And actually has a wall around it.
We said good bye to our 10 day home and flew back to the Fraser Valley. Next post: Wool piggery (cochon de laine, en francais).