Saturday, December 19, 2015

We Call It Snow

 Christmas at our house means lots of musical practice. We enjoyed a mass choir of 8 churches in our town and extra music at church. I have been organizing skits and our pageant, and I'm so pleased that they are actually going well.
The crocodile mittens are all packed away in fresh Chinese food containers.
 All the knits came out for a wrapping party. I actually have a few extras because I changed my mind on a few things at the last minute. Good thing they are wrapped because I would still be shifting tags.
 The tree is happy to have its skirt covered in gifts.

 When we were in Vancouver for a few days, I saw this clever wire wrapped holder for an air plant and I had to try my hand at it. Too bad there aren't many people who would like one as a gift, because it was quick and fun.
My biggest finish was DH's sweater. Fingering weight Silky Wool in a pattern by, Leo. I hope he finds it fits and it's comfortable. I don't need to knit him another sweater. Especially in a fine yarn. 
 With the Christmas knitting all finished, it was time for me to do some Grinchy knitting. These are Lambing Mitts (Tolt Yarn) of Soft Donegal for me. I have been finding my fingerless mitts too skimpy for the cold weather and I knit a few very nice pairs for gifts. So I chose my favourite.
The Baa-ble hat was a delight to make. I am happy to jump on the sheepy band wagon. 
What are the recipes that define Christmas for you? For my daughter it's Peanutbutterscotch squares. This is a great recipe from the 1970's and my version is type written by one of my big sisters.

For my son, it's shortbread. I am proud of this recipe and send it out as gifts.

 I love the anticipation of watching my amaryllis bulbs bloom. Gave away the pink and the white ones this year. My sun room is the best spot to grow them.

And the mitten banner. It is a delight. I haven't put out all the decorations this year, but I am happy with the ones that are sharing our season with us. 
 Carly is keeping me company as I do my hourly stretches for my injured back. I knew physio would make a difference, and that my own investment is what would measure that difference. But it is improving. No sense whining.
 Here is the big snow fall. Wait for it.
 Snow on the ground! It was fun to watch it pile up a bit.
Then it turns to slush and black ice. But we like to call it snow.