Friday, May 29, 2015

The Long List

We have been having some pretty busy weekends. Band practices and parades, extra youth group and choir activities. At the end of the weekend, we need a weekend. 
 I am managing to get to some long neglected sewing. This is a bucket bag for my friend's son, an awesome knitter. The tutorial is from So Very Shannon. I thought I had another one for a drawstring bag, but I can't find it and it's off her blog. I love project bags, but, now that I'm not working, I can't afford them. I do have a fabric stash- some bought for that purpose- so I hope to make a few up.
 Frantically, I though I had lost this fabric (Liberty lawn) that I had bought in New York. But it was just under a pile of other good intentions. The pillow is sewn, the needlepoint Strawberry Thief attached and the i-cord knitted to be piping.

 There has been quite a bit of practicing in the front room. I am trying to get back at my flute. Some day I'll bring up the poor bass guitar and try again to find my way.

 Even the cross stitch is seeing some love. If I don't finish this for Christmas, there will be another one, but if I don't get a good chunk done, I will be disappointed.
The quilt is almost ready for the binding now. You see it here in strips from the jelly roll. I made mistakes and one of my corners doesn't match up, but I am so happy to have followed through! I found the squares that I started for a quilt of my own out of scraps from the dresses I sewed Emily. I also found a great apron pattern and a few kits. Thanks to Tolstoy audio books, I am not alone in the basement when I am stirring up my mess.
DH and I had our 26th wedding anniversary. We went to band because he's pipe major and can't miss a practice. But we had a nice weekend with a Pete Seger Tribute concert and piping on the shores of Harrison Lake.
Hopefully this week we can just catch up on yard work and watch 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


 This  Sunday we celebrated Mom's 80th birthday. All the grandkids and great grandkids were there. We are 39 when all counted, just from Mom and her 4 daughters.
 There were new friends and old. Photos were strung to get the stories going.
 Mom loves flowers and butterflies. These were the most amazing cupcakes.
 Sugared johnny jump ups that matched the pansies on the tables.
 Mr. Hockin was one of our first friends when we arrived in BC in October 1966. We grew up with his kids, in and out of his house.
 Paw with his oldest grandchild. We had lots of time to visit and laugh.
 D piped for my godson who can still do the sword dance. He also learned Road to the Isles, Mom's favourite piping tune.
 Did I mention we laughed?  Everyone pitched in to set up the old Riding Club Hall, bring their families and join in the fun.
 The kids table was full of building and colouring. My youth group friends were hired to do a few hours of babysitting the four kids who were 5 and 6 and the 2 toddlers.
 He looks just like his dad.
 We pitched in for a sing along. Favourites songs from our own childhood and my niece Caroline, who owns electrictree yarns, joined me on guitar. My older sisters and daughter joined us for "Que Sera", a song Mom used to sing to us.
 Emily played lyric tunes on her trumpet and actually got her brother to accompany her on piano. He hasn't played for a few years and it warmed my heart.
 And a feast.
 Our niece brought her photo booth, so there was an outlet for silliness.
 There were crayons on the paper covered tables.

And my nephew brought his band, the Basements. Just the best dance band. We danced into the early hours of the evening and had the hall cleaned up by 10. Our kind of party all afternoon. I had dancing blisters on my feet! Mom was satisfied with the event and we can truly call it a celebration.
There was no knitting.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Run Away!

 DH and I snuck away for a week in the desert. This is a big change from the rain forest. I love flowers that bloom in the desert!
 We needed some rest. His work and my "not at work" have been really busy and stressful. Plus we are in a choir and pipe band. We desire to live in community, but sometimes it is overwhelming. Just go off by ourselves. Sedona is a tonic. So warm and welcoming and relaxing.

We were blessed to go to a Taize service at this chapel built into the red rocks.
 Sunsets and picnics and taking photographs. Truly delightful.

Two days at the Grand Canyon knocked our socks off. Sunset and sunrise as well as exploring National Park Ranger stations. It was everything as advertised.
Right next to the foot path, we were close to young elk several times.

 Along the easter route of the south rim there were lovely areas to park and take photos.
 Loved this homage to Hopi architecture. You could walk three stories up to the roof top for views. Inside is painted in sacred images.
 Loved seeing this in the gift shops. I read it in grade 4 or 5 along with all her other horse books.
 On the way home we stopped at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff for lectures and tours. Such a great community of scientists who want to share their work. This is where Pluto was discovered! Poor Pluto.
 There were also opportunities to view the ruins of the First Nations who migrated through the Sedona region. Tuzigoot National Monument was nicely displayed and you could walk around the ruins.
 We stopped at the Verde River for a picnic. We had a picnic every day!!!!! And then I made D go back to the pool to rest. His cough is getting better, but it has hung on a long time and I was clear that this was a resting trip.

 There was knitting. I finished the Messalina shawl. My back up project was the Frost Flowers crochet scarf which I worked on in the plane on the way home. I also took time to do cross stitch on D's Christmas Stocking. Hopefully I have found my stride. There are actual jingle bells now, and a recorder.
 Jerome is a ghost town of a mining town way up on the side of a mountain. It was a nice drive and there was a nice park for picnic. Didn't buy any art. Didn't see anything better that our own local artists.
 Rex joined us for tea time. Auto correct called it Yea time. I'm OK with that. We were lucky to be staying within walking distance of great restaurants and shops. Our accommodations were wonderful. Very much like our Intrawest Resort in Whistler, we were able to exchange for a Hyatt Residence. Now I'm looking at the ones on Maui and in Carmel.
But we will probably return to Sedona and the Red Rocks some day. Love to run away. But we love being home as well. Especially when the trip was actually restful!